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Order Now is an online writing services provider. The company promises excellent quality academic papers delivered by skilled writers. They also allow students to select their preferred writer from a list, and the company promises quick results and top quality papers. We have decided to thoroughly review this service for you, in order to help you make a well-informed decision.

The truth is there are plenty of writing services available online, and all of them all offering excellent quality. Can we trust what they say? Or do we have to test everything first? Certainly, we have performed the tough work, so keep on reading to find out the results.

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edubirdie review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 17/20)

EduBirdie offers a wide range of writing services such as essays, term papers, coursework assignments, lab reports, and even statistics reports or articles/reviews. The main problem is that the company invites you to select a writer, which basically means that you trust your projects into the hands of a random “expert”.

When you select the writer, you cannot be sure the respective person has the skills or the necessary experience to create a paper on a certain topic. It is much better when a writing services company assigns your paper to a true expert in the field of your topic. Moreover, one of our research experts has discovered that the writer profiles on that page are fake.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 12/20)

We always put very high importance on the prices charged by a company. We have searched though all the pages, and we could not find any prices listed on EduBirdie. First, you have to sign up, place your order and then they will send you a quote.

In our opinion, this is quite unreliable because students need to know the exact cost of the papers before placing an order. If someone finds the prices too expensive, he/she can move on to the next company on the list. They also do not have a price calculator like all other top reputable services out there.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 8/20)

We managed to place an order for an essay, and it was quite expensive. However, we expected to see the amazing quality, but instead, we got some poor results. First of all, the essay did not contain any appendix, citation page or any quotes.

Then, the editing was quite average, even if some of the text contained value from an academic point of view. If you are looking for stellar quality for the price that you pay, you may not want to place your order with They also missed our deadline with one day, which is something inadmissible.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 10/20)

Customer service is the soul of any good business. EduBirdie advertises it provides 24/7 customer service, but it took about 1 hour until we could chat with someone.

They do not list any phone number where you can call or an email address where you can write for any questions or concerns. There is one single popup window messaging system on the website, but keep in mind this is not live chat. You have to wait longer until you receive an answer.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 12/20)


“I placed an order 2 weeks ago, and still have not received my essays. However, I paid a lot so I am waiting.”

Freddie L.:

“The essay I received had a few good points, but oh it was so difficult to get in touch with the writers. By the way, my essay was not edited well but I still paid for editing by an expert…”

Andrea M.:

“Average writing service which is expensive for my budget. Moreover I don’t like it that I cannot stay in touch with the writers, or the fact that they don’t offer free samples and discounts like other services. Sorry, not for me!”

Conclusion: Summing it up, the only good thing we experienced about this company is the nice website layout. They have invested to build that site and make it work decently. There is also plenty of information available, but the problem is with the quality provided. No prices listed, no online calculator and no real reviews of customers.

The sample we received was unsatisfactory regarding quality, deadlines or the pricing. We consider this is an average writing service and you cannot rely upon the quality of the solutions provided.

Site Total Mark


Date published: 01/06/2017
5.9 / 10 stars


  1. Melanie Lade00:56

    This EduBirdie review cannot be more right. I also had a terrible experience with the company because I got my paper four days late! After this, they completely ignored my messages.

  2. Joe Knoll01:18

    I decided to write this review on because I am also an unsatisfied customer. Don't use this company – they are scam and deliver plagiarized papers!

  3. Pam Trotter01:22

    The website of the company has amazing reviews of EduBirdie, which is obviously a trick to take your money. I tell you this from experience, this is a scam service!

  4. Corinne Perez01:23

    I should have read EduBirdie reviews because if I did, I wouldn't lose so much money on such a terrible service. The company sent me a terrible paper and charged a fortune for it!

  5. Lindsey Martin01:23 is a terrible writing service. I ordered my paper here and got a bad essay, filled with so many mistakes and plagiarism, there was no way to save it. Even when I asked for a revision, my request was rejected. Unbelievable!

  6. Carol Herbert01:29

    My EduBirdie review will also be a negative one. I used this company once and never again. Their customer service agents are very rude and do not help a bit. The papers quality is below average.

  7. Richard Harada01:59

    Thank you for this real review! I had a terrible experience with the company and had nowhere to share my opinion. They did a great job making fake comments online, I'll tell you that. When I checked online, I actually thought this is a good service.

  8. Anonymous02:03

    I read so many reviews online, but still decided to give it a go because their website was very good. A huge mistake. I got my paper a day late and it was not worth half the price I paid for it.

  9. Heather Chen02:06

    Thanks for this review. Fortunately, I ordered only one chapter from the service because I found some bad feedback online, and you are right – they are really as bad as you say. I just read the most disastrous dissertation chapter in my life and I cannot believe I actually paid for it.

  10. Lisa05:52

    THANK YOU! For the EduBirdie review, I mean. I was lucky to avoid this service after reading this. My friend wasn’t so lucky. She got a lousy essay from them.

  11. Fiona Rogers05:54

    I didn’t find this edubirdie review before ordering, unfortunately. I wanted a simple book review. I had the impression that the writer had no idea what the book was about. I checked goodreads reviews and noticed that she rewrote the entire content from there.

  12. Michelle Roberts06:07

    Let me tell you my own edubirdie review: this service sucks! I ordered an entire research paper because it was slightly cheaper than other services. “Prof Donna”, the writer, had no idea about the topic. It was googling and rewriting.

  13. Carry Thalia06:53

    I left a very bad edubirdie review at the website. You’ll notice there are customer testimonials for each writer, right? Well guess what: it’s gone. It’s not at the website. That’s how unreliable this service is.

  14. Gene07:58

    Don’t trust their lies! Me and my friend ordered essay. We both got lousy work. They say they won’t take your money until you’re satisfied but they are lying. They took our money. We didn’t get revisions. A refund is impossible. It’s not even included in their terms and conditions.

  15. Rodriguez08:13

    This is supposed to be a collaborative service. I expected to contact the writer and get response. Yeah, that didn’t happen. If that was the only thing that went wrong, I wouldn’t leave such a negative EduBirdie review. But my case study was awful. They practically robbed me.

  16. Hakan08:14

    Hey, did you notice that the photos of these “writers” are fake? I hate that they tricked me into ordering although I noticed that. Doesn’t deserve a positive Edubirdie review.

    1. Anonymous02:36

      I got a substandard essay from edubirdie. The writer wrote completely off-topic. After contacting the them for a revision and having to wait two days to get that revision, they eventually delivered a plagiarized content.

    2. Jimmy04:52

      I ordered a book review on edu birdie but what I got in return was just plagiarism of other book reviews on the internet. I wouldn’t have paid initially, if what I wanted was plagiarized content!

    3. Barbara06:39

      When I made a 24 hours emergency order on edubirdie, the writer promised me that I'll get my essay on time or even earlier. It was so disappointing that I got the paper twelve hours after the deadline had elapsed and I couldn't even submit what I had paid for.