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EssayHave is a writing services company providing solutions for college students, undergraduate, and graduates. The company displays a simplistic, yet user-friendly and colorful website with plenty of information available. This is a custom writing service, which means each essay or term paper is created respecting your instructions and requirements.
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Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20) advertises a very wide palette of writing services: custom essays, custom term papers, thesis proposals, master Thesis, literature essays, research papers and many others. In order to check the services provided, you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

What we didn’t find were proofreading and editing services that are usually offered by the greatest majority of online writing services. This is by no means a scam service, but you can notice from the profile and presentation of the company they are trustworthy.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 13/20)

High school grade papers start at $10 per page, but as you advance in the academic level, the prices will increase. For one page written at Master’s level you will have to pay $22, while for PhD quality the cost is $25 per page. EssayHave does not offer any first order discount code but they have plenty of free features. These include free revisions according to their revision policy (limited revisions!), free title page, free bibliography, and reference and free formatting in APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard style.

essayhave prices

We missed the Money Back Guarantee display on the website. Most reputable writing services companies offer this guarantee to increase their trustworthiness. However, to balance that they offer the guarantee this is not a database of pre-written essays. You can trust your essay will be hand-typed, and not an essay that is already written.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 15/20)

We have placed an order for a sample. The representative we contacted was friendly and sent us an essay in email. We downloaded the essay and reviewed it. This essay was written in a less formal language since it was a personal statement type of essay like the one you send when you apply for a job.

The essay was nicely written, but we cannot form a very professional opinion given the ‘personal’ tone of the essay. Editing was not so good, and the essay obviously did not have a bibliography or references section.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 15/20)

Right at the top of their page, displays 2 different contact options: a Toll-Free number and the live chat option. We tested both, and we got answers quite promptly. On the phone, the representative was friendly and ready to explain each service or how the site works.

In Live chat, we asked for the sample, and within half an hour the sample was already in our inbox. Based on our valuation, we would say calling them directly is the better option especially if you need assistance fast.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 12/20)

Bernard Stamps:

“My best friend recommended me this writing services company. I ordered two essays from I generally liked the quality but for one of the essays they forgot to include bibliography. However, I informed them and they did make the corrections immediately and they also offered my 5% discount. I think I will order from them again when I have writing tasks…coz I don’t like to write myself.”

Elaine Tarrington:

“I revisited the writers for 3 more term papers.“

Peter B.:

“I have currently ordered from them a personal statement essay. I’m not good with writing, but I needed one such essay for my job. Unfortunately, they did not choose me, but the essay was good. I will keepit to apply to other jobs. Who knows…“

Brenda C.:

“This is my first order with them, and I have just received my essay. It is nice, but I had a few problems with communicating with the team. It seems they are not available around the clock via chat. I was in a hury, so this posed a little problem for me, not being able to get in touch. Other than that, good work indeed.“

Leila Obid:

Medium essayz. Nice communication. Not sure will trust them again.”

Extra Features:
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Personal account.

Conclusion: This is a reliable custom writing service offering a wide range of solutions for students and not only.

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Date published: 03/17/2016
7.2 / 10 stars


  1. John02:25

    I was directed to ssayhave so I could try out their writing services to help me with my essays. each time I tried to order, the page showed error. Is it that this page is only accessible to specific regions?

    1. Not sure, John. Try to contact ther customer service.

  2. Kate02:29

    First, of all, how do you order for a paper when you do not know the price just yet? At this site I couldn’t find the right place to check the price so I moved on to another site.

    1. Hello, Kate. You can find their prices here - Good luck. Also, don't miss to read reviews of the top service on the market -

    2. Kate02:35

      Thanks, Kelvin :)))

  3. Kate10:22

    So how do you know that the paper you have downloaded form a site like is not plagiarized? I mean all you have is their word until you submit your paper and your failed for plagiarism.

  4. hikkii05:09

    Being an all-rounded site can really help some students. This is one feature that essay have has that is commendable.

  5. Anonymous09:39

    I hate it when I have to scroll through a site over and over again trying to find where I am supposed to fill my specifications!!! I had this experience with 'essay have' and it was way too hectic for me.(

  6. juan ji09:11

    Sometimes you have to come back and tell the truth so other people can weighten the benefits and cons before purchasing. My collaboration with EssayHave hasn’t been as I was expecting. They do a great job at welcoming you, telling you all the fluff about how convenient they are, but when it’s time to deliver on the promises…I’d rate them 3 out of 10…

  7. coconut08:40

    didn’t hear of this service until one of my class mates confessed that he isn’t doing his own essays…His grades until now are fine, I guess I will give this a shot.

  8. ashley03:01


    I ordered two essays right from the start…

    I waited for the deadline, they came a little late, but that’s fine…

    what made me angry was the fact that their writing style SUCKS, it’s not about the grammar…

    it’s about how they put the sentences…

    I’m feeling like a non-native wrote my essays, and I can’t turn them in to my professor..

  9. Anonymous06:54

    mediocre qualit
    that’s my feedback, I hope everyone considers two times before purchasing from EssayHave.

  10. Anonymous04:48

    My personal recommendation for everyone who thinks to buy their services…is…don’t.. I won’t give the reasons..but just don’t.

  11. Anonymous05:23

    I order from these guys over and over again, and I can’t say a bad word about their service. Oh, except the fact that they aren’t cheaper, but that’s completely fine how it is now

  12. Lily Powell02:32

    It is truly disappointing when you spend $39 on an essay and still get an essay with 32% plagiarism. Even though they supposedly offer plagiarism checking services, essayhave still delivered a plagiarized work to me.

  13. Brian04:48

    Essayhave says that they offer money back guarantee to customers, but it's a huge lie. They delivered an essay which was completely off-topic and when I went to make complaints, I was told that wasn’t qualify for the money back guarantee.

  14. Anonymous06:28

    After looking at the sample discussion essay on their website, I decided to order a discussion essay from essay have. To my surprise, what I received was a far cry from what I expected. I received a descriptive essay. It was also very obvious that the writer wasn’t experienced in writing such an essay.

  15. Christopher Robin06:07

    I don't know if the writer just didn't get the instructions I had given him clearly, but the essay delivered to me from was definitely not what I wanted.

  16. Anna02:37

    I ordered a high school essay from at a price of $20, since I have zero writing skills. It was unfortunate that I eventually got a C for the essay.

  17. Sharon02:39

    Imagine ordering a research paper and receiving one with no reference? That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. That’s exactly what essayhave did to me and the paper they delivered wasn’t so great in quality either.

  18. Jill02:45

    This is the first time I'll hire an online writing service and probably the last time. The essay I received was low quality and wasn't even proofread. It was quite disappointing especially since I paid $26 to essayhave for it.

  19. Mabel02:54

    My order got cancelled a day before the research paper I'd ordered from essayhave would be due. And since I was so close to deadline, I couldn't submit anything eventually because I couldn’t afford to pay for an emergency paper. Their disappointment cost me severe penalty.