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The website content at will give you the impression that the company gives many features for free and therefore, helps you save a lot of money. However, most companies offer titles and bibliographies as addition to your paper, since without them, it wouldn't actually be a legit paper, would it?

We did not like this, but we cannot base an entire Review on one misleading piece of content. We checked BoomEssays reviews online to check what others have to say, and decided to take a closer look since feedback was extremely varied. Unfortunately, it mostly leaned towards bad, but determining if this is true is the purpose of our Boomessays review, after all.

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Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 8/20)

The company disappointed us from the first step. In order to be able to purchase all your papers without having to look for new services over and over again, you need a company that offers a variety of academic assignments. Unfortunately, this is not the case here.

Even though the website indicates they can write all papers upon request, reviews include customers who had to go elsewhere for their academic assignments. Therefore, we are guessing that the company hasn't hired a sufficient number of writers that specialize in a variety of academic assignments.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 8/20)

You can actually choose between academic levels and types of papers in the free calculator on the website, but the prices are same for every paper you order. Basically, they change depending on the deadline and academic level, not type of paper. This was a bit strange.

High school level papers come at prices from $12.99 to $35.99 per page. And while the first price is very affordable, it applies to a deadline of 14 days, which is a timeframe students almost never get in this academic level. This makes the price higher than we originally thought.

Once again, this is confirmed in Boomessays reviews, as well as the fact that senior college papers start at $18.99, while Master's papers start at incredibly high price of $21.99 per page!

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

When it comes to quality, the company turned out to be a disappointment. Once we paid the high price for our Master's level case study ($24.99 per page for a deadline of a week), we expected much more from the writers. Instead, what we got was a paper without a conclusion, which is something we have never experienced with a writing service before.

This was only one of the reasons why we opted for a revision, including the fact that the paper was not at all proofread and had no bibliography.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 8/20)

After getting that disastrous, incomplete paper, we immediately tried to get in touch with the company's customer support service. Still, their live chat agent stopped the friendly conversation immediately after we asked for a revision or a refund, which is why we had to get in touch with the phone agents.

The phone agent was very rude and actually rejected our request for a revision, saying that we should have been more specific about the paper. How specific should one be to get a conclusion and bibliography?

Criteria #5: Customer Reviews (Mark - 9/20)

Edward Barrow:

"Stay away from this paper writing service! They are the worst I have used. I got a paper full of plagiarism and the lowest grade I could get. I don't know if I will ever get my professor's trust back!"

Stephanie Wilkerson:

"I never got a chance to speak to my paper writer, even though I asked the customer service to do so. No matter how detailed I gave my instructions, it's like he completely tossed them away. My paper was nothing like it should have been and no one did anything to fix this."

Judith Johnson:

"Don't order your papers from They chose a good name cuz my essay was actually the biggest boom I have received from a writing service. Bad writing, so many ridiculous mistakes and no formatting at all? And they call themselves the best service?"

Roger Babin:

"I'm a terrible writer but I'm better than these writers. I'm serious – it's like I went to work there and someone paid me a fortune to get their papers done. My paper is terrible, I cannot believe I spent so much money on this company."

Conclusion: In conclusion, is a service we would put very low on our list of writing services, all based on their bad quality of papers, followed by high prices and terrible customer service.

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Date published: 09/06/2017
4.3 / 10 stars


  1. robert08:22

    Buyer be ware! I tried to use their service in a pinch and they failed to deliver on time and will not refund my money. They have a statement that if they fail to deliver they will only refund the portion of your money to the next time slot offered for completion. I called to confirm they could do it on time and was told no problem. 12 hours after I received a zero they sent an email that it was complete. I did not download the paper and pursued a refund. Then the answer was if they complete the paper, not if I download it, I am not entitled to a refund. Go with a company that has a complete money back guarantee.

  2. Anonymous11:02

    Do NOT recommend! Missed the deadline and very poor writing. May have some writers where English isn't their first language. Customer service is also bad.