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Who we are?

Welcome to Legitimate Writing Services. The portal has been funded by 3 top graduate college students, who decided to offer their skills and experience for the benefit of other students who need help. Meet the team:

Kelvin Fogarty - He is a History & Social Sciences graduate, and Kelvin is the one who came up with the idea of starting a writing services review company. There are just too many poor quality writing services companies out there, this is why Kelvin thought students need quality and honest information about the most reliable services out there.

Jocelyn Brady - She is an MA graduate in Political Sciences, and she also has many years of volunteer work at an international organization helping people who do not have access to education. She is extremely involved with this writing services reviews project, and she readily assists students with any questions or concerns they might have. When you search for a legitimate service using this portal, Jocelyn can assist you with your queries.

Dan Logan - He is a master programmer, and he is obviously in charge for the technical side of the project. Dan makes sure the site has a 100% uptime, and that all the pages load correctly and information is up to date. Dan is also greatly involved in analyzing statistics and complaints of illegitimate and poor quality writing services. Thus, he also ensures that every writing service enlisted on this site is thoroughly tested and proven to be of top quality.

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide students from all over the world with free access to reliable information. We want students to be able to find the best writing services suitable for their needs but also their available budget. By using our portal, you can rest assured you will find only 100% honest and professional reviews of high standard writing services companies.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us - send us an email directly.

Our mission statement is to assist you every step of the way in finding the best writing services for your needs. Whether you need a 2 page essay or a 50-page dissertation, by using our portal you will find the most custom tailored writing solutions.

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