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How to Write the Perfect College Essay

You take your laptop, open a blank page in the word processor, and start sweating. You have yet another essay to write. You know all the steps you need to cover: an in-depth research, outlining, writing, and editing. The structure of an essay seems simple in your head, but how are you supposed to compress all those ideas in a 5-paragraph format? What if you don’t get any awesome ideas?

You struggle. We get it. Your teachers, on the other hand, don’t get it. They expect you to submit masterful essays on time, so you have to find the strength to go through this challenge.

Were you looking for the perfect guide to academic writing or maybe you have decided to use the best essay writing service? We have some essay writing tips that will help you maintain the right format and express your best ideas through it.

First Thing’s First: Good Ways to Start an Essay

Before you can start writing an introduction, you need to have a solid base. It’s no wonder why your mind goes blank when you sit in front of your computer and you force yourself to start writing that paper ASAP. It doesn’t work that way.

You always start with the research. Take the theme your professor gave you and see what authoritative sources have to say about it. When we say authoritative sources, we don’t mean Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia can be a nice source of information; just follow the references at the bottom of the page.

Once you collect enough resources, you can start with the brainstorming process. What ideas do you have? Make a list and choose the most unique ideas, which could guide you to a believable thesis statement. Then, compose an outline that will help you stick within the given format.

Now, you can start writing the essay. Here are few types of openings that grab and hold the reader’s attention:

  • There’s no rambling before introducing the reader to the main issue. You may provide some background on the theme, but don’t get carried away writing irrelevant things.
  • You may start with an awesome quote related to your topic.
  • Pose a question. Have you noticed how bloggers usually start their posts with questions? This is an effective technique, since when the reader gets a question, they usually answer it in their minds. That’s called engagement.

The Art of Writing Essay

You have an idea on how to begin your essay? Cool! Now, you need to continue without losing the attention of your reader. Few tips will help you with that.

  • Although there are different essay formats you can rely on, the usual style that college teachers want to see is the 5-paragraph essay. This means that you need an introduction, three arguments, and a conclusion. The three paragraphs of the essay’s body should contain stand-alone arguments that prove your thesis statement. Think of three points that give authority and relevance to the thesis and elaborate them in the essay’s body.
  • Stick to simplicity. Long sentences work well in academic writing, but don’t fall into that trap if you’re not 100% confident in the sentence structure. Don’t use big words and expose your arguments as clearly as possible.
  • Try to avoid “I” statements if you’re not writing a personal essay. Statements like “I think” or “I believe” make the paper less convincing.
  • Use authoritative sources, but don’t forget: your own opinions should be obvious. The purpose of those references is to support your claims.

Cool Ways to Conclude an Essay

The conclusion of your essay should mention the main points of the essay’s body and relate them to the thesis statement. In other words, it should connect all loose ends in a compact whole.

  • Don’t introduce new ideas at the end. When your reader finishes reading the essay, all their questions should be answered.
  • Did you start the paper with a question? If that’s the case, then you should offer a clear answer in the conclusion.
  • Check: do all arguments lead to the natural conclusion you’re writing? If not, maybe you need to add some content to fill in the gaps, or get rid of unnecessary arguments in the essay’s body.
  • The landing has to be super awesome. The more powerful the ending is, the longer it will stick in the reader’s mind.

Writing essays can be fun, as long as you approach the process with an open mind. Who knows, maybe there’s a brilliant writer hidden inside of you? Unleash your creative spirit and let the writing begin.

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