How to Choose an Essay Writing Service

You have a really important essay to write, but no time to work on it? Maybe you don’t have an idea how to approach the issue? Oh, maybe you’re not that great at academic writing? That can’t be good.

You can either give up on your project or ordering it online. Since you’re not a quitter, you probably decided to get professional help with writing a paper. The only question is: where do you get it?

The Ups and Downs of Ordering Papers Online

There’s a problem: not all essay writing services are reliable. Some deliver plagiarized content, and others deliver problematic papers that go undetected through plagiarism search engines, but have no value. You want to avoid those services.

You need an essay service you can count on, and we’ll tell you how to find it.

How to Find a Reliable Writing Service

There are few steps you need to follow to get to the right website for your needs. The goal of these tips is to guide you to a writing service that will deliver unique, impressive work by your deadline.

1. Check the online reputation of the service you have in mind

It’s absolutely necessary to read college paper writing service reviews before ordering an essay online. You can’t base your decision on the claims you read at the websites of different services. They all claim to be the best, so only a writing service review will tell you whether or not there’s truth in those claims.

You need to find a reliable reviewing service that compares different writing companies without any bias. You should see different characteristics in the reviews, so you’ll be able to compare them and choose the website that suits your preferences.

The comments under the reviews are also important. They give you insight into the experience of other people who purchased papers from the specific websites.

2. Go through the list of services and check the guarantees

The most reputable online services have a separate page that clearly lists the products and services you can order. If you can’t find such a list, access the order form and check if the paper you need is available for order.

The guarantees are another important thing you need to evaluate. These are some of the most important policies that make you feel safe when ordering papers online:

  • Free revisions. If you don’t like something in the paper you get, the company should revise it for free until you’re completely happy with its content.
  • On-time delivery. You need to be sure that you’ll get that paper right on time.
  • 100% plagiarism-free content. Avoid those services that guarantee unique content, but offer paraphrasing services in the order form.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Complete privacy
  • An ability to contact your writer

3. Make sure you’re getting a good price

Let’s say you have two or three websites on your mind. All of them have good reviews and solid guarantees. The deciding factor will probably be the price. Check the price charts of these services and see the difference in the quote per page for the quality level and deadline you plan to assign.

You also need to take the discount policies into consideration. The most attractive writing services usually offer discounts for new customers, as well as loyalty programs for returning users.

4. What quality will you get?

When you’re reading reviews, make sure to get informed about the quality different services deliver. Sometimes you get all the right features and a great price from a service, but the quality is far from perfect. You want to avoid that situation, so read reviews that offer info about the quality.

5. The customer service is important

When a company offers 24/7 access to its customer support team, you’ll get immediate answers whenever you encounter an issue with the order.

Try contacting the support before ordering a paper, so you can see how quickly and effectively the agents respond.

6. Will you get anything extra?

The best services include free formatting in any citation style, outline, title page, bibliography, and unlimited revisions.

Some companies also allow you to choose additional features in the order form, so you’ll increase the convenience of your order. For example, you can get VIP service, proofreading by a professional editor, order fulfilled by top 10 writers in the relevant category, and other features that will ensure a better experience.

Now that you have all information you need, there’s only one thing left: evaluate different services and place your order.

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