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For some of us writing is a headache. The essays, term papers, research papers, and other writing turns into a nightmare. We are sitting in front of our desk looking on the white screen or a piece of paper without an ability to write down a meaningful word or phrase. That’s why academic writing services which are available online are handy. However, how to pick the right one? Are they able to deliver quality paper? Will I boost my grades? These are only a few questions every student asks themselves when decides to pick an academic writing service. Our website is here to help!

6DollarEssay is not a new company, yet, it has a very interfering reputation. Some students say that it helped them to get A+ others to claim on high prices, low-quality papers, and poor customer service. We decided to find out who is right and created this full review of 6DollarEssay company.

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6dollaressay review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 4/20)

The variety of services is the first factor which influences the decision-making process. We can assure you that the company which provides all range of academic writing services is capable of delivering paper not looking on its complexity. So, what is offered by 6DollarEssay to the student?

The company provides general academic writing with resume writing service. You can find information about term papers, essays, assignments and a couple of other less widespread papers. They are not offering a dissertation or thesis writing. Moreover, we were not able to find any writing samples, so we are not sure if they can deliver all published on the website services.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 1/20)

When we saw the name of the company - 6DollarEssay – we thought that the essay price would start at 6 dollars, and it looks incredibly cheap. Usually, a professional writer charges more than ten per page non-urgent paper, so it cannot cost less. Here price doesn’t start from six, and it begins from eight which is exceptionally cheap and looks suspicious.

6dollaressay price

Also, we search for the discounts or other special offers and were not able to find any. The absence of loyalty program speaks for oneself – they don’t want their customers to come back, so the quality of papers delivered by is questionable.

It’s not clear, which type of payment this company accepts and there is no information about money-back guarantee in case they failed to deliver the paper on time. Let’s find out if they can provide a quality paper following the tight deadline.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 3/20)

We placed an order with the deadline of six hours. It was a history essay paper, and the topic was not simple. There were detailed instructions on what the writer should deliver including paper plan, literature list and even a couple of quotes to include. The paper was not cheap, so we expected a top-quality paper from the team.

First, the paper was three hours late, and we got an apology from the customer care team via email. Yet, when we opened the file arrived, we were very disappointed. The quality of the paper was poor, and the writer didn’t follow our instructions. We were not able to find any plagiarism either.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 4/20)

Customer support here works 24/7/365. You can get in touch with them via phone, chat or email. Chat is almost instant, but the questions replies may take a lot of time, for the phone you should wait for an hour or so to connect with the representative, and there is no callback feature.

As for email, we sent it but have not heard from anyone. Agents themselves are polite but cannot answer all questions you may have. For example, when we asked for the discount, they said let us check first and then said they don’t have one.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 3/20)

Sarah L.:
"Terrible customer service, terrible quality and no refund at all. I needed an essay paper urgently and ordered from them because they offered a very affordable service. In the end, I’ve got nothing except a headache."

Dean S.:
"Low-quality papers with signs of plagiarism. I don’t recommend them if you need an essay in natural science or related field. The low price is not always the best option. Moreover, you won’t get any refund, because their money back guarantees tricky."

Kirsten G.:
"I am not sure that it is legal to run such business, but these guys are fraud. They charge for useless papers of low quality. Moreover, they don’t follow deadlines you set when placing an order. It is useless for the student service."

If you are looking for extremely cheap service, which can deliver a low-quality paper and you need to proofread and edit it – then 6DollarEssay is for you. If you need quality – keep away from this service. Also, they are not always following deadlines and if you steel decided to order from them set the tightest deadline, and you will get your paper when you need it – in three days.

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Date published: 10/01/2018
1.5 / 10 stars


  1. Vickie02:33

    The book report I ordered from was well-written, or better still, well-copied and delivered on time. However, after checking it for plagiarism, I discovered that more than 40% of the report was plagiarized.

  2. Cynthia04:49

    I should have known better than to order a resume from an online writing service that offered so many writing services. The resume I received from 6dollaressay was not impressive at all and it looked like someone had just filled in my details into a form.

  3. Tara06:37

    The resume I received from 6dollaressay was boring and generic. No effort was made to sectionalize the entire resume to make it attractive and easy to read. They aren’t professional enough.

  4. Anonymous06:10

    I wasn't able to find any discount on the 6dollaressay website, even though I needed one to reduce the price I would have to pay for a job needed in 24 hours. But since I couldn't find one, I went ahead and placed an order. It was very unfortunate that even after paying the extra charges for urgent papers, I still got my paper four hours late.

  5. Anonymous05:39

    The customer support for 6dollaressay are slow to respond and they couldn’t even seem to tell me all I needed to know. They were completely unprofessional and they also sound confused.

  6. Jessica05:40

    One of the first things I didn’t like about 6dollaressay was that they didn’t have samples available for potential customers to look through. But based on their customer reviews, I placed an order, hoping for the best with detailed instructions and yet, I had to spend hours tweaking that paper.

  7. Susan05:41

    I needed a psychology academic article critiqued. But the critique I received from 6 dollar essay was pretty substandard, probably because the writer was not familiar with the subject. The writer kept using the terms in the wrong context.

  8. Anonymous05:48

    It is ridiculous that I paid 20 dollars for a premium article to be delivered in three days and still didn't receive the article until 6 hours after the deadline had ended.

  9. Joseph05:49

    I ordered an argumentative essay but I'm not sure I can call what I received from 6 dollar essay an argumentative essay. It was majorly lacking in argument and seemed more like a descriptive essay to me.

  10. John05:50

    We were asked to write a term paper and since writing is my Achilles heel, I had to order my term paper from 6dollaressay. I have no doubt that I could have done a much better job writing that paper than the writer paid to do it did.