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- All services under the same roof
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- Quality & satisfaction guarantee
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Finding the Best Sites for Custom Essays

Searching for top essay writing services is not easy. The Internet is abounding in offers, but many companies offer poor quality solutions. If you wish to find out about the most reliable writing services available, keep reading and this detailed review will help.

All of the services are tested and thoroughly reviewed by our experts, so that you can get truly honest information on the range of services provided, the prices charged, customer services quality ratings and even find out what past clients are saying.

Top 5 Best Essay Writing Services


This essay services company is widely known as a trustworthy, professional, top quality essay writing service that delivers desired results, on time, on a friendly budget.


It has made its way to the top five list because the website is very user-friendly. On top of all that, they have a wide offering of services that caters to all students in all fields, as well as high-quality authentic writing that you can order in a few simple steps.


If you are located in Australia and want to find the best and most professional essay writing service that caters specifically to Australian students, are the safest website you will find, as they have numerous certificates that back up their validity.


Not only are they one of the best essay writing services, but they offer plenty of information on their homepage, and a very vibrant and user-friendly website that enables you to get all the information and place your order without leaving the homepage.


We love that they offer affordable and high-quality writing services, as well as special discounts and bonuses that make the offer more appealing. The website is easy to use, and they are very trustworthy as they disclose all of the information right there on the homepage.

Rating Criteria for the Most Reliable Essay Writing Companies Reviews

All of the companies enlisted here offer reliable and truly quality services. Writers with top academic degrees will work on your paper and deliver an error free, creative and original piece of writing. Whether you need a short essay or several pages of your dissertation, you can rely on the quality solutions offered by these companies.

But in order to really learn how to differentiate the good services from bad ones, we have to take a look at and consider certain criteria. It’s not just about getting acquainted with their offering and taking a look at their affordability. There are several important criteria you have to look at, and which we use to actually rate the writing service, before we deem them reliable or unreliable, or even the best online essay writing service online.

Stay tuned to see the main criteria that we use and what each one actually entails, before we do reviews of essay writing service, or decide to give a give an opinion on any of these companies on the market.

Criteria #1: Range of writing services offered

In order to be credible and create the best essay writing service reviews online, that are going to enable students to find the most trustworthy essay writing service, we have to look at the range of offering of each of the companies. You might be looking for a very specific task at a moment that a certain service can do, but what about future tasks? Do you have to go on a hunt for a new service all over again?

If a service doesn’t have a wide range of services that could probably indicate a very low level of educated and skilled writers who are in the know when it comes to academic assignments.

Let’s see top 10 details regarding the range of writing services offered:

  • Diversified writing solutions
  • College degree papers: term papers, essays, etc.
  • Highly academic papers such as research projects & Power Point presentations
  • Only specialized writers working on your project
  • Several bonuses included: free bibliography, free title page, free editing
  • Some companies offer even free revisions
  • Use of specific language (technical, literary, etc.)
  • Respecting all instructions given by customer
  • Any urgency level accepted
  • Editing + proofreading services available.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

Another major criteria we look at and consider when we make a decision about a writing service or when we’re doing custom essay writing service reviews is the pricing. Pricing and payment policy is a crucial aspect for most of the students, because the reality is, students have a very limited budget, and want to find the highest quality at the lowest prices.

But how do you know a service is charging too low or too high? And how do you distinguish the ones that are just in it for the money, and not to help out the students with high-quality assignments?

I need my essay done…if this is what you are looking for, you also want the best prices, so let’s check out a few payment related details for these top 5 writing services:

  • Top quality essays at affordable prices
  • Several payment options (PayPal, credit card, debit cards, etc.)
  • Protection of your personal information
  • Standard, premium & platinum levels with different pricing options
  • 10% to 30% first order discount
  • Money back guarantees
  • Substantial discounts for members
  • 15% to 25% for large volume papers (100+ pages)
  • Secure payment gateways (HTTPS)
  • Discounts with the use of specific codes.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation

Although it is on the third place of criteria, it’s by far one of the most important aspects. Before we do an essay writing service review, we want to be able to see if the company in questions actually has professional writers that deliver immaculate writing. That is what the students are looking for.

Because it’s not always easy to distinguish right off the bat whether the service is going to meet your standards or not, you have to look at several important factors before you actually place the order that can indicate whether a service actually can offer quality.
In order to ensure we offer you a listing of the best college essay writing help websites, we tested the sites. Here are some top observations regarding samples we received:

  • Samples received on deadline
  • Constant progress track available
  • Instant chat with the writer
  • Top quality writing
  • Really affordable prices
  • Only professionals who write papers - not simple college students
  • Several discounts available for first time orders
  • Plenty of freebies: free title page, free revisions free bibliography
  • Savings between 10% and 30% with the orders we placed
  • 100% plagiarism and error free papers.

Criteria #4: Customer Support

Typically, when we do college essay writing service reviews, we focus on customer support as well, because writing college assignments and essays can be complex, and students need to be able to have someone available to talk to all the time. If a writing service website doesn’t have adequate customer support you won’t be able to communicate your needs and desires in an efficient manner.

Excellent and professional writing services know this, and have established customer support teams that are available 24/7. This aspect is as important as the pricing and the range of services.

When it comes to writing services, customer support is extremely important. We evaluated the best essay writing service online websites for you, so check out our findings:

  • We said we need a paper written - and received very quick response
  • Instant communication windows for quick chat
  • The option to discuss directly with the writer assigned to the project
  • Very quick response for any query
  • Help with payment processing
  • Help with miscommunication problems
  • Some additional changes at no extra cost
  • Phone call option
  • Choose your own writer
  • Response to "what is the top essay writer?" The company appoints their best in house writer.

    Criteria #5: Customer reviews

    A best custom essay writing service should have evidence of previous customers, in the form of review, that indicate that what they offer and claim is true. Reviews on writing service websites are really important. They are real-life instances of previous orders where you actually get a chance to see if this company meets all the claimed expectations.

    You can see what the clients likes and disliked about the writing service, and base your decision on a good or bad word-of-mouth. So, how do you spot fake and real reviews, and what should you really look out for when you read online reviews?
    Now it is time to see what past clients have to say about the quality of the services provided by these companies:

    • “looking for essay writers for students, I found a truly affordable & quality service”
    • “I received my paper on deadline, always!”
    • “Get a well professional essay that is also budget friendly”
    • “I found the perfect assistant for my writing projects”
    • “what I like most are the bonuses and discounts”
    • “I saved 50% on my research paper thanks to these professional services”
    • “Finally! I found a professional legal essay writing solution!”
    • “I will never trust again low quality services on the web. Trust only such peer reviewed sites”
    • “the best essay writing service online- good prices, quick turnaround & direct communication with the writers”
    • “I got free additional changes to my Dissertation paper”.

    Are you ready to finally look for and choose the best online essay writing service, that’s going to cater to all your needs? 

    Try our criteria system now and you won’t regret it, because you’ll be able to detect the best services out there within minutes! Review [68/100]

        MA & PhD degree writers
        Outstanding customer service

        98Read review

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        Wide services' range under the same roof
        Several payment methods accepted

        93Read review

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        Quality & satisfaction guarantee
        Special discounts & bonuses

        92Read review

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 is a company that provides writing services to students worldwide. According to the website's information, their mission is to provide excellence to those who request it. The aim of this review is to show whether the company stands behind these claims or not and whether it is a legit one.

        Site Mark

           - Range of Writing Services Offered
           - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
           - Quality Evaluation
           - Customer Support
           - Customer Reviews

        Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20)

        The services offered on the EssayServices website are listed on the home page. There is a full list of services for which you can open a separate page, which makes the website a bit too overloaded with information. It actually took us an hour to read everything, starting from the About Us section on the homepage to the detailed information on every particular service.

        According to the list, the range of writing services includes essays, admission essays, research papers, dissertation writings, research proposals, term papers, case studies, book reviews and coursework writing.

        Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 14/20)

        Prices of the company are not cheap when compared to other services. They depend on the academic level, urgency and standard of paper. There is no list of prices, but you can calculate yours on the price calculator.

        The discounts offered start at one page, which turns the price to a cheaper one and defeats the first price. For a size of one to fifteen pages, they offer 5 percent discount, which increases up to 20 percent for 201 pages and above. prices

        There is a discount code on the home page, but there is no indication on how big it is. Additionally, they offer a free draft for the first order, which you will receive two hours before sending out the payment.

        Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 13/20)

        We found no samples on the company's website. Therefore, we decided to order an essay from the company and see what their service is like.

        The draft service is hardly reachable, so we had to wait a while before we placed an order. For students that do not have the time to write their own assignments, this is a big disadvantage since they take a while to reply to the request.

        The essay we received was of relatively good quality with some minor mistakes, but the price we paid was a bit steep considering the academic level.

        Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 15/20)

        You can contact the customer support via live chat or on the UK and US phone numbers provided on the website. Firstly, we decided to contact them on the phone numbers, where we got good customer support.

        However, if you do not live in these countries, you will have a difficulty reaching the company since the customer support on live chat and e-mail is not good. We had to wait for a reply on the live chat for too long and we did not receive any reply to the e-mails we sent.

        Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 11/20)


        “I got a draft before I paid, that is true. But the draft was so bad and I had to pay for it anyways, so this offer is a terrible one. Then they said I have to pay, but they offer free revisions. I asked for revisions and received two, but no improvement in my paper. I do not recommend this service.”


        “The papers are good but they overprice for the services. I ordered my essay and paid double from what I pay for other services I use because it was only two pages. As a regular customer with writing services, I say they really should change their discount policies.”


        “Not only they were late with my paper, but I couldn’t even reach them. At the end, I had to call their US number and I am from UK! I paid for the phone bill too much and for a late-delivery too.”


        “I didn't like how they wrote my research, there weren't any sources. I can see they spent little time working on it. I paid a lot for it, though.”

        Conlcusion: Even though this service is not a scam, there are many things that need improving. At first, EssayServices looks as a trustworthy writing service, but the unreachable customer support team is a big disadvantage.

        Site Total Mark


        Date published: 12/1/2016
        6.8 / 10 stars

        Wednesday Review [64/100]

        MA & PhD degree writers
        Outstanding customer service

        98Read review

        Order Now

        Wide services' range under the same roof
        Several payment methods accepted

        93Read review

        Order Now

        Quality & satisfaction guarantee
        Special discounts & bonuses

        92Read review

        Order Now

        Is a legit writing service? Do they offer reasonable prices? According to their website, they offer a 100% original papers written by only native writers and supported by a money-back guarantee. This review will show you whether this is true or not and whether the company sticks to its promises.

        Site Mark

           - Range of Writing Services Offered
           - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
           - Quality Evaluation
           - Customer Support
           - Customer Reviews


        Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 8/20)

        We have found no list of writing services on the website. You can use the price calculator to see the cost of your order, but the price does not depend of the type of academic paper. On the website, we found mention of essays, book reviews and case studies services, while on the ordering page there is also a choice between term papers, research papers and book reports. Additionally, they offer editing and proofreading services.
        The academic levels for which they offer these services are high school, college, university, Masters and PhD.

        Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 16/20)

        Pro-Essay-Writer gives you the opportunity of choosing one of the top 10 writers for your assignment, but choosing this option comes with almost double cost. Otherwise, the prices of this company are relatively low. prices

        The discounts of this company are 10% for orders over $300 and 5% for orders over $100. We have found no discount code for first-time offers.

        Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

        The samples on the website are good, but the paper we received from this service did not fit the level we ordered it for. We paid for a Master's paper, but the content looked more as if it was for an undergraduate student. The research was thorough, but the sources were not trustful, which is not something that should happen with an MA assignment. Additionally, the writing style was a little unsuitable for Master's level.

        Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 16/20)

        This is not a scam company since it also offers a 24/7 customer service that customers can reach on e-mail, via the online form, on Skype and via the live chat. We have received a prompt answer on the live chat, but the answers we got were a bit vague and incomplete, so we decided to try out the other methods. The e-mail option is not 24/7 since we got a reply 6 hours later. However, their phone number was answered immediately and we got the answer we needed. In general, the customer service is good, but needs some improvement in terms of live chat and e-mail.

        Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 14/20)


        “A good one, but not one of my favorite services. I got a good price, but they only offer me discounts for big orders and my assignments are usually essays. No paper is over 30 pages, so I have no shot at getting a lower price.

        “The prices are very good, but I would appreciate a first-order discount. I was even more frustrated because the essay I received was not very good. It had mistakes and did not look like someone took the time to write it. I would not recommend this service.”


        “Money-back guarantee? Not really! My paper was so bad I did not even ask for revisions. They said I have to send it for revision before I ask a money back guarantee. The second one I received was a little bit less horrible than the first one, but they asked me to send it for revision again. I am a student and I am on a deadline, so I did not have the time to do all this.”


        “I loved my review, it was so thorough and inviting. A bit too positive, but my professor liked it. The price was good, too.”

        Conlcusion: has an informative website and the pricing is good, but the feedback is not really positive. People have expressed many concerns regarding quality and guarantees.

        Site Total Mark


        Date published: 11/30/2016
        6.4 / 10 stars

        Tuesday Review [61/100]

        MA & PhD degree writers
        Outstanding customer service

        98Read review

        Order Now

        Wide services' range under the same roof
        Several payment methods accepted

        93Read review

        Order Now

        Quality & satisfaction guarantee
        Special discounts & bonuses

        92Read review

        Order Now is yet another Australian service that offers assignment help to students. According to its website, this company has three core values: top quality work, on time delivery and affordable prices. This review is aimed to help you determine whether this is a legit or scam service and whether they are true to what they promise.

        Site Mark

           - Range of Writing Services Offered
           - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
           - Quality Evaluation
           - Customer Support
           - Customer Reviews


        Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 17/20)

        MyAssignmentHelp offers quite a wide range of assignment help, including essay and dissertation writing, homework help, case study help, coursework help, thesis writing, programming and MBA assistance. What we found strange regarding their services is that they offer assistance to people from various countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, China etc. Considering that this is an Australian service, is the provider really able to deliver top quality content to people that study in different countries? After all, education varies across countries and if you offer such wide range of services everywhere, you need to have a variety of experts who can make this happen.

        Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

        The website of the company is very poor in content, so you will not find any information about the prices there. The only way to get some information on how much a service would cost is if you provide them with your personal details first. Considering that many students look around before choosing an affordable service for their assignments, this is a real waste of time.

        We have found no discount code options, coupons or special offers that reduce the price on the website. There is no indication of first-order discounts or special prices for returning customers, which is quite disappointing.

        Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 13/20)

        In order to check the quality of service, we have first checked the samples on the website. has a full Samples page where you can find some quality content. We found their samples to be well written, factual and correctly referenced.

        The next step was to place an order with the service. The price was average when compared to those of other services, which would be good if the content were of high quality. The delivered paper was generally good. Still, we found some grammatical syntax mistakes in the content.

        Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 12/20)

        The company can be reached via live chat, trough their contact form or on the phone numbers. Seeing that they offer services to many countries, but they only have Australian, UK and US contact phone numbers, we have decided to try the live chat. This the best option for those who do not reside in these countries.

        Unfortunately, their live chat does not function too well, mostly because we had to wait for 7 minutes before they replied. Additionally, the representative's English was not on a professional level and all we got were short answers after a lot of waiting.

        Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 13/20)


        “At first, I thought this was a cheap service since that is what their website said, but the prices are not as low as one would think. Still, I decided to go for it since I already spent an hour chatting with them and logging in so that I can see the prices. They did not give me any discount as for first order and the essay was not as perfect as they promised, so I don't think I'll ever use this service again.”


        “This service delivers good content and I am happy with how they work. But, I am a very bad writer, so I always order my papers online. Since they offer no discount for me as a regular customer, I am inclined to look for another service.”


        “I got my essay for my English class. I study in Malaysia. It was more good than I will write it because my English is not very good, but my teacher says it was not even for C.”


        “The price is good, but they could give some first-order discount. They really need to change some things, including the people answering the phone. Not only the lady was unhelpful, she was rude when I asked for revision!”

        Conlcusion: Overall, the company is valid, but not among our top choices. It is hard to reach, the website is poor in terms of information and the reviews from customers are mainly negative.

        Site Total Mark


        Date published: 11/29/2016
        6.1 / 10 stars