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Top Essay Writing Services Reviews 2016

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- MA & PhD degree writers
- Outstanding customer service
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- All services under the same roof
- Several payment methods accepted
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- Quality & satisfaction guarantee
- Special discounts & bonuses

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- User friendly website
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- Track order progress
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Finding the best sites for custom essays

Searching for top essay writing services is not easy. The Internet is abounding in offers, but many companies offer poor quality solutions. If you wish to find out about the most reliable writing services available, keep reading and this detailed review will help.

All of the services are tested and thoroughly reviewed by our experts, so that you can get truly honest information on the range of services provided, the prices charged, customer services quality ratings and even find out what past clients are saying.

Rating Criteria for the most reliable essay writing companies reviews

All of the companies enlisted here offer reliable and truly quality services. Writers with top academic degrees will work on your paper and deliver an error free, creative and original piece of writing. Whether you need a short essay or several pages of your dissertation, you can rely on the quality solutions offered by these companies.

Criteria #1: Range of writing services offered

Let’s see top 10 details regarding the range of writing services offered:

  • Diversified writing solutions
  • College degree papers: term papers, essays, etc.
  • Highly academic papers such as research projects & Power Point presentations
  • Only specialized writers working on your project
  • Several bonuses included: free bibliography, free title page, free editing
  • Some companies offer even free revisions
  • Use of specific language (technical, literary, etc.)
  • Respecting all instructions given by customer
  • Any urgency level accepted
  • Editing + proofreading services available.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

I need my essay done…if this is what you are looking for, you also want the best prices, so let’s check out a few payment related details for these top 5 writing services:

  • Top quality essays at affordable prices
  • Several payment options (PayPal, credit card, debit cards, etc.)
  • Protection of your personal information
  • Standard, premium & platinum levels with different pricing options
  • 10% to 30% first order discount
  • Money back guarantees
  • Substantial discounts for members
  • 15% to 25% for large volume papers (100+ pages)
  • Secure payment gateways (HTTPS)
  • Discounts with the use of specific codes.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation

In order to ensure we offer you a listing of the best college essay writing help websites, we tested the sites. Here are some top observations regarding samples we received:

  • Samples received on deadline
  • Constant progress track available
  • Instant chat with the writer
  • Top quality writing
  • Really affordable prices
  • Only professionals who write papers - not simple college students
  • Several discounts available for first time orders
  • Plenty of freebies: free title page, free revisions free bibliography
  • Savings between 10% and 30% with the orders we placed
  • 100% plagiarism and error free papers.

Criteria #4: Customer Support

When it comes to writing services, customer support is extremely important. We evaluated the best essay writing service online websites for you, so check out our findings:

  • We said we need a paper written - and received very quick response
  • Instant communication windows for quick chat
  • The option to discuss directly with the writer assigned to the project
  • Very quick response for any query
  • Help with payment processing
  • Help with miscommunication problems
  • Some additional changes at no extra cost
  • Phone call option
  • Choose your own writer
  • Response to "what is the top essay writer?" The company appoints their best in house writer.

    Criteria #5: Customer reviews

    Now it is time to see what past clients have to say about the quality of the services provided by these companies:

    • “looking for essay writers for students, I found a truly affordable & quality service”
    • “I received my paper on deadline, always!”
    • “Get a well professional essay that is also budget friendly”
    • “I found the perfect assistant for my writing projects”
    • “what I like most are the bonuses and discounts”
    • “I saved 50% on my research paper thanks to these professional services”
    • “Finally! I found a professional legal essay writing solution!”
    • “I will never trust again low quality services on the web. Trust only such peer reviewed sites”
    • “the best essay writing service online- good prices, quick turnaround & direct communication with the writers”
    • “I got free additional changes to my Dissertation paper”.

        Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Review [59/100]

        MA & PhD degree writers
        Outstanding customer service

        98Read review

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        Wide services' range under the same roof
        Several payment methods accepted

        93Read review

        Order Now

        Quality & satisfaction guarantee
        Special discounts & bonuses

        92Read review

        Order Now is a Thesis and Dissertation writing service. It does not offer college related writing services such as essays, college papers, term papers, etc. The company serves students mainly in four countries: US, UK, Australia and Canada. We have tested and reviewed this company for you, so that you can make a well informed decision when hiring such services.

        Site Mark

           - Range of Writing Services Offered
           - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
           - Quality Evaluation
           - Customer Support
           - Customer Reviews


        Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 10/20)

        We thoroughly checked the entire website, and couldn’t find a special tab with the list of services offered. However, on the main page at the “About Us” section, it is explained that the company offers mainly high academic writing services. These solutions include Dissertation and Thesis writing, but also statistical data analysis.

        These writing services are targeted towards Masters and PhD students from all over the world. The company also states that it offers only legit services, and they employ strictly Native English writers from Canada or the US. The site also states that it has well over 1 million registered users, but this is a figure that cannot be verified of course. The same goes for the total number of full time writers, which they say it is more than 800, but we couldn’t verify.

        Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 13/20)

        In the “Pricing” section of the website, we noticed there is a price calculator available. Students can actually check the price for one page of writing, only after they have filled out the forms in the calculator. We noticed that the greatest majority of reputable writing services will display a table with the clear and concise prices for each type of writing, and academic level or urgency required. However, some of the prices for WriteVersity include:

        • An All Chapters Thesis at Doctoral/PhD level, with an 8-days deadline- 20 pages costs $689. If we break down the price per page, it would be about $35. However, we found it difficult to get the cost per one single page. It mainly gives the price per total number of pages (entire thesis).
        • Dissertation writing (All Chapters), at Doctoral level, 10 pages in length and with a 48 hour deadline - the cost is $486 (only 250 words per page). prices

        The discount table is pretty simple. The company offers 5% discount for up to 100USD spent, 10% for up to $300, and it gives a higher discount of 20% only above $1,000 spent. There is no discount code available that customers can use. We consider it is quite difficult to achieve the 20% discount threshold, because almost all orders are below the $1,000 amount. Regarding payment, they accept several forms but we couldn’t notice a money back guarantee.

        Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 14/20)

        In order to help you get an unbiased opinion regarding the quality of the services offered, we requested a sample of writing from Write Versity. We received two chapters of a Dissertation, the Introduction and the Methodology pages. Since this was not a full paper, we can only rate the quality of the writing that was available on the files.

        The writers performed a medium quality Introduction, where they exposed the main topic of the Dissertation. It was not too long, and it did not contain grammar or spelling mistakes. However, the essence was not captured extremely supportively in the introduction.

        Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 10/20) displays a live chat support button. Here, visitors can click and get in touch with a Sales Consultant. Visitors or customers can also get answers to their questions regarding pricing or quality of the papers, and they can also request samples. We used the chat option to test the responsiveness of the team, and we can say they answered within a reasonable amount of time.

        Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 12/20)

        Rita F.:

        “I have placed my ordre with this company 2 weeks ago. Until now I received only the first two chapters of my Thesis. Within a few days I must receive my full Thesis, so I am waiting for the rest of it.”

        Leonard Smith:

        “This is my second round of orders with them. I will not say this site is a scam, but I would expect more.”

        Peter Jackson:

        “I just received my Disseration from them. The overall quality is satisfactory, but I need to work more on the resources and works cited pages. I don’t know if this would be their job or mine…”

        Conlcusion: We have invested quality time into researching and reviewing thus company, and our final statistic reveals this writing company should not be entrusted.

        Site Total Mark


        Date published: 08/10/2016
        5.9 / 10 stars

        Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Review [69/100]

        MA & PhD degree writers
        Outstanding customer service

        98Read review

        Order Now

        Wide services' range under the same roof
        Several payment methods accepted

        93Read review

        Order Now

        Quality & satisfaction guarantee
        Special discounts & bonuses

        92Read review

        Order Now is a writing solutions company offering a full range of services to students, graduates and undergraduates. The company states on the home page that writers cover any subject, with any urgency and academic level required. We have invested our time and best skills to provide you with an honest review of this writing company.

        Site Mark

           - Range of Writing Services Offered
           - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
           - Quality Evaluation
           - Customer Support
           - Customer Reviews


        Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20)

        We would expect to find extremely quick and easy the list of services provided by the company. However, we had to perform quite some browsing to finally detect each type of writing service they offer through their platform. They state on the home page they offer a full range of services, and we could eventually check these services on the price calculator. A little bit awkward, but we managed to gather everything.

        Get-Essay offers the following services: essays, Book reports, assignments, Dissertations (by chapter or in full), editing, lab reports, movie reviews and many more. We also noticed they offer Formatting services in the paid section. We know from our experience that most top rated writing companies will offer Formatting as a free feature.

        Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 13/20)

        The company offers a detailed pricing table available online. Here, we could find prices displayed per page for different academic levels such as Undergraduate, Master and PhD. In general, prices start at $14.95 for a two-month deadline, ending at $35.95 for 48 hours. We could also notice that they do not undertake extremely urgent orders, but the soonest they can deliver is within 48 hours (2 days basically). Students who are in an extreme rush (3 hours, 12 hours, etc.) with an essay for example, cannot place their order here.

        Regarding discounts, they offer 15% off for first time orders. They also state that customers receive now and then special discount offers within their email. Sounds like they are offering confidential discounts to customers. We could not see any discount code that can be used directly to save money. There is also a Bonus program available, where you can collect little discounts and use them up to pay for your next paper. prices

        The company allows customers to pay in several currencies including USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and AUD. Payments are processed via secure gateways, and they promise they cannot have access to your credit card or other payment details.

        Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 13/20)

        All details pointed this is quite a legit writing services company, so we have asked for a sample to check the quality. Samples can be accessed through the homepage, and customers can order here a sample. You cannot access directly the samples, so you have to wait until they send you a sample.

        The sample we have received was an essay for college students. The main topic was Global warming, and it dwelled only on general issues. The paper contained few references, and we could not see links to big authority magazines, journals, etc. Even though this topic allows for plenty of great resources that can be accessed even for free.

        Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 15/20)

        The company displays a Toll Free number that customers can use to contact the team for requesting any information. There is also a chat window available on every page of the website. We tested the instant chat option to see how fast the sales consultants answer. We received the answers about prices and writing services offered within a fair amount of time. The company has a customer service available on a 24/7 basis.

        Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 13/20)

        Adrian Steller:

        “I have placed an order for two chapters of my Disertaton. They are a little bit late, but I hope I will receive it in time.”

        Laura Lomsdale:

        “This is not a scam company, but I expected the writers would deliver a little higher quality. In the essay I received I liked the content, but I had a few issues with the resources displayed. They should have used higher authority resources and more citations within the essay.”

        Xenia Schuster:

        “I am a German student but need help with English writing. I received the paper in time, and the quality is ok. Maybe I will place more orders in the future.”

        Conlcusion: Based on our extensive research and review regarding this writing service, we do not recommend ordering papers from them.

        Site Total Mark


        Date published: 07/27/2016
        6.9 / 10 stars