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When it comes to essay writing services, many people think about the scam. However, we are here to provide you with an unbiased and honest review of legit writing solutions available online. When we first visited, we noticed this is a trustworthy resource. There is plenty of educational information on the site, and several contact details displayed right in front of you.
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Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20)

Essay Shark does not actually display the range of writing services provided. We know for sure this is a trustworthy essay writing service because we can check from the content available on the website, from the reviews of customers and so on. However, we cannot tell for sure what other specific types of services they offer besides essay writing because these are not displayed online. The best thing to do if you are interested in a particular type of paper is to talk to a representative and find out more.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

EssayShark promises it offers the lowest prices on the market, and there are no upfront fees required. This means you will basically have to pay only after the work is delivered and you reviewed it. The Money-Back Guarantee is also displayed on the website. If you are not satisfied with the work delivered, they will reimburse your funds. We couldn’t find any other indication regarding the exact cost per page, or other specific discount code, bonuses or special deals. We believe you receive the price quote when you make an inquiry or place your order with them.

We couldn’t find any other indication regarding the exact cost per page, or other specific discount code, bonuses or special deals. We believe you receive the price quote when you make an inquiry or place your order with them.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 7/20)

We contacted the EssayShark writers via live chat and we requested a sample. They sent us an essay in Psychology, which was only 3 pages long. We actually wanted a more comprehensive essay, but they said they cannot send more than 1 sample to a client.

We were not overly impressed with the quality, and we also noticed the resources page did not contain references to online psychology magazine journals. The page does contain many references to psychology books and dictionaries but it lacked high authority online sources and had 45% plagiarism.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 14/20)

You can contact the writers via live chat, or you can also use several social media portals to follow them or to contact the writers there (they have official Facebook page, Twitter or Google+). We could not see an email address displayed on the website, where customers could send their inquiries.

There is also no phone number available where you could contact them directly. Overall the Essay Shark customer support seems to be quite limited since you have only 1 or 2 options to get in touch with the writers for questions or concerns.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 12/20)

Anita R.:

“I hve recently placed an order for two essays in American Literature. One of the essays already arrived, but the other is past due the deadline already. Sine I cannot contact them by phone, and the rep through the chat says I should have more patience…I don’t know what to say. I have to admit the quality of the first essay is good, I just don’t know why they are late with the second one. Hopfefully, I will receive it these days.”

Adam S.:

“Not so good work for the money u pay.“

Eleanor Ristock :

“The essay I received did have good quality, but it did not include the references I mentioned to the writers. The fact is the essay MUST contain all those references my teachyer gave me. Now I am discussing with the writers to include all these books and magazine journals on the reference page. Overall, a good experience and affordable charges.“

Rick Slotts:

“I am currently getting assistance with writing my Thesis, which is 70 pages long. So far so good, let’s see how it will end. I would recommend them.“

Susanna Perlik :

Customer service is slow, but they deliver not bad qulity papers on any subject. I will use them again.”

Extra Features:
  • Follow on social media.

Conclusion: This is an essay & Dissertation writing service suitable for students looking for good quality papers.

Site Total Mark 


Date published: 03/17/2016
5.8 / 10 stars


  1. shark01:25

    The one site that came so highly hyped by my friends was shark only for it to disappoint me completely.

    I am not a patient person and this site literally felt like it was wasting my time. maybe having so many writers is not such a great idea.

  2. Glen07:09

    I personally do not like the set up at essayshark because I feel it makes it hard to submit our orders. It makes the process far longer especially if you are working with slow network, it can be very frustrating.

  3. Dark window05:28

    The testimonials at essayshark site seem pretty real. But how can you know for sure that they are??? Are all these writers real? How can we access them or justify they are who they say they are?????

  4. grad00:43

    I feel invaded every time I click on to a site and I am asked to give my email address in order to peek into their services.

    I found this at essayshark and it just made me move to another site.

    I mean, what if I end up not liking the services and you already have my email address? I don’t want to have to spam you.

  5. anonymous08:07

    when I tried to contact them, it took 2 hours until they respond…why would they say it’s 24/7 support when their employees are sleeping or something when I need their help? That turned me off big time..

  6. tanya06:31

    i wouldn’t have payd this money for so many gramatic mistakes, I am not native but I can write better English than them lol

  7. life is love06:54

    damn, I suck at writing. I never ordered an essay from the internet before, I’m pretty scared to do so now, but I think I’ll give it a shot…I’ll post my feedback soon

  8. Anonymous09:15

    I’m disappointed with the services received for many reasons, I think you should stay away from this essay writing service, go find others….this one doesn’t give the quality it promises, and it costs a lot too lol

  9. Hey, can anyone recommend me a good writer? I’m in the engineering field and I have some important assignment that I can’t handle by myself

    I really need the best quality

    1. Anonymous16:19

      Hey did you find someone?

  10. I write for them. I am English and have two degrees in Music and have been writing professionally for two years on a range of topics. There may be many writers, so some 'bad eggs' might creep through. But as long as you find me, the quality of your service will be exemplary. :)

    1. Edmund, thanks a lot for your feedback!

  11. Edmund Bloxam02:56

    If you find me, you'll have exemplary service. :)
    Humour aside, I have two degrees in Music and have been writing professionally for two years. Whilst some writers on the site may be lower quality than others, some are higher. Like me!!

  12. The essential problem of customers not getting solid work is probably that the writers don't get paid very well, and are often dealing with multiple daily deadlines. The truth is that writers at these places are often underpaid per page.

    There are many companies that pay their writers well, and the quality of the work will reflect that. If you want a good essay company, inquire as a writer how much you make. If you make between $15 - $20 / pg TO START, then you know you're dealing with a quality company.

  13. Anonymous05:17

    a totally scam. what they say is you don't pay until you see and satisfy with your paper. That is totally BS. what really happened is you will not see your paper until you pay, and when you paid, it means you satisfy with your paper automatically regardless the equality. Does it sound like a trap or scam to you? Yes it is. and of course they have "money back guarantee" avoid them. take a look at the response from their customer service. it is self-contradiction.

    "When you see that you do not like the first part, you do not have to release the funds for it. Yes, in order to see the whole paper, you need to release payments for the 1st and the 2nd parts. That is how the system works. But you always have a choice of not paying if you do not like it. As it has been already said, by releasing the funds for the first 2 parts you confirmed that you were satisfied with them. And now, as the paper is already on the last part, you cannot cancel it."

    does it make sense to you? No right? avoid them!

  14. Bessie Walker02:59

    I ordered from essayshark once before, and never again! This company is the biggest scam ever. They gave me a paper they copied from the Web, and did not even have the decency to admit it!

  15. James Pierson03:51

    EssayShark is a horrible company. I chose them because I liked their prices and the site looked legit, but the paper I got was written by someone with very bad English.

  16. Amy Adams04:03

    I just got an essay from the service and decided to write this essayshark review. I recommend that you stay away from this company. Their service is terrible.

  17. Adam Linder04:14

    I’ve tried so many companies, but none as bad as EssayShark. The customer service was nice to me until I saw the bad paper and complained about it. Once I did, they became surprisingly rude and did not even revise it.

  18. Leonard Byrnes06:25

    If someone asked me to write a list of companies I don’t like, EssayShark would come at the very beginning. I ordered an essay here and lucky for me I gave them a shorter deadline, because the paper was a day late.

  19. Catherine Brewer06:32

    I did read essayshark reviews online, so I admit it is my mistake. I found so many bad comments and still let the prices trick me. It serves me well. Since this happened, I choose my services very carefully.

  20. Laurie Osborn07:20

    My research paper was due in three days, so I did not have much time to check companies online. I hope I did sit down to read essayshark reviews on the Web – I would at least know not to pay that much money to this fraudulent service.

  21. Merlin Drew07:21

    Don’t trust essayshark! They charge more than they say, deliver very bad papers, and have the worst customer service ever! The only thing I liked was their website, and this was the thing that tricked me into buying from them. All their promises are fake, don’t believe in what the site says.

  22. Michelle Mullen07:43

    I used essayshark a month ago, and am very disappointed. My friend told me she found a cheap service to use and they are not half as bad as others, but my experience was different. I got a paper that was almost half plagiarized, and not at all proofread.

  23. Angelica Perkins07:43

    If I start to tell you about my troubles with Essayshark, you wouldn’t believe me! I read a couple of nice reviews on their site and ordered a term paper. I paid a lot for it, but they gave me a nice discount. When the deadline came, my paper was nowhere to be found. I contacted the service several times, and they told me they had ‘issues with the delivery’. I got my paper 2 days later, and didn’t even get an apology for it.

  24. Michael02:23

    I ordered an important essay from essay shark and received it an hour after the deadline had ended. Yet, the essay showed 30% plagiarism. Their performance is below my expectation.

  25. Jeffrey04:47

    After the time I spent chatting with the essayshark writer I chose and the long and detailed instructions I left for him, he still could not deliver what I wanted.

  26. Anonymous06:18

    After placing an order for a finance essay on essay shark, I expected to receive my essay before the deadline of four days which I've given them. On the contrary, I didn't get it till the fifth day, just an hour before I was meant to submit it.

  27. Eric04:52

    On essay shark's website, they claimed that their customer support is available to attend to customers within 6 minutes or less. But I had to wait up to twelve hours to receive a reply from them.

  28. Veronica07:01

    I thought essayshark writers were supposed to be experts and experienced writers. But the business paper I asked to be written for a presentation at work could have been written by a kindergartener, for all I know.

  29. Anonymous07:03

    I'm quite disappointed with the quality of the essay I got from essayshark. I paid the right fees and even selected a writer with one of the highest ratings and customer feedback but what I got from her was not well-written at all and it was definitely not proofread.

  30. Shirley02:02

    I could not seem to finish my work in time for submission time, and I was wasting a lot of time trying to finish. When I found Essay Shark, I was very relieved. They delivered as promised, I am happy.

  31. Dhandi03:50

    This service, at first seemed like a bad idea, but a friend recommended it and I trust her. Essay Shark writers are very easy to work with and seem to know what they are doing. The essay came back looking great!

  32. Melissa03:58

    I came across EssayShark in the search for a good essay writing service. Their prices are very reasonable and I got proof that I was working with real people, not bots. The writers are supportive and offer feedback understanding that we are working under pressure as students. They did a good job!

  33. Anonymous04:30

    Working on my thesis comes with a lot of stress, and I often need support with editing and formatting. I have tried a lot of different options, even sending to friends and family. Someone recommended EssayShark and I have not looked back since! The service is quick and efficient!

  34. Nancy05:22

    College comes with a lot of stress, and too much writing in English and it is my second language so essays are very hard. I found EssayShark and it made my life very easy. I have used the service twice and it has really improved a lot in my grades and performance at school.