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With so many scam writing services available out there, we know how important it is to find a truly reliable and reputable service for your needs. This is why we have thoroughly reviewed this company to help you make a well-informed decision. This is a writing solutions company with a presentation website that is easy to navigate. You can find plenty of information at first glance, even though you will have to browse a little to find the exact prices.
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GradeMiners.com (GradeMiners.co.uk)

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grademiners.com review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 16/20)

GradeMiners.com (GradeMiners.co.uk) does not actually display a full list with all the writing services provided. Such a list is typical for most writing services companies, but here we had to read the text on the website to find out what they offer.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they do not offer quality solutions, it is just a little strange not to see everything right in front of you. The company offers essay writing solutions, term paper writing and dissertations (full paper or chapter-based progressive writing).

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 15/20)

The company offers a first time discount of 15%, and the bonus scale is built somewhat different from what you may be accustomed to. For example, when you become a customer you will create a virtual money balance for yourself on the site. This is your virtual money account, and with the very first order you get a 10% discount and that money will go into your account.

Therefore, you will use this balance, plus your own money to pay for your next order. From the 2nd order and onwards you will get a 5% discount on virtual money in your account. We also did notice promo code available that could bring you discounts.

grademiners.com prices

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 11/20)

We contacted the team of writers and asked for a sample. We received it in a timely manner, and this was a term paper in Grammar. Actually, we wanted to check the quality of an essay, but that was not possible. Even so, we were quite satisfied with the results.

The term paper was not clear, there were some grammar mistakes and stylistic problems. The term paper was not edited too heavily since this was not an essay, so editing was the simplest. Maybe if we could have seen a more complex essay, we could have reviewed it more thoroughly.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 16/20)

Grade Miners offers 24/7 support for its customers, and the team can be reached through a Toll-Free number or via instant chat. We tested the chat option, and we have received clear instructions and advice on the services provided or on how to place an order. If you have any questions or concerns, you should use the chat option.

However, if you need a paper on an urgent basis, we believe calling them is the best choice. They do not advertise an email account where they can be reached.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 11/20)

Alana Hendrickson:

“I ‘m not satified with the quality provided; and there was a misunderstanding but we sorted out things. I am not sure to come back for more, because I didn't like the quality and speed of the services provided.”

Paul S.:

“This year I am writing my Dissertation in World Economics. Since I could definitely use some help, I contacted these guys. Up until now, they have completed for me the first 2 chapters, and always much revisions were needed from my part. I am quite a perfectionist, so I would make revisions even if these aren’t needed. All in all I am not satisfied with the quality provided, even though finding an expert writer in World Economics was not that easy.“

Alexander Sparks:

“What I liked the most was that I could talk directly with the writer assigned to my progect.“

Lara Hensdale:

“Unfortunately they were not able to help me write my term paper in english.“

Sarah Brighton:

“I must tell I was reluctant to hire writing services online, but in theend I am glad I did. The writers assisted my with writing a 10 page long essay in comparative literature. I do not like lit, so I face some great difficulties, but GradeMiners managed it for me. I got my D. Thanks!”

Extra Features:
  • Price/page instant calculator
  • Different currencies as payment options
  • Virtual balance account.

Conclusion: Students in need of good quality Dissertations, term papers or essays will find here professional assistance 24/7.

Site Total Mark

GradeMiners.com (GradeMiners.co.uk)


Date published: 03/15/2016
6.9 / 10 stars


  1. Anonymous00:30

    I would NOT go with this writer or this writing company. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service. No one follows your instructions. No one gives a dime about your concerns. Even after repeatedly requesting the writer to get in touch with me to discuss the idea, he/she NEVER once bothered to get in touch with me and then delivered the paper what he/she thought was write. My thesis advisor straight out told me I wouldn't pass the comp exam and would not graduate if I were to submit this paper

    1. Poor grammar. Not a master's level writing
    2. No contact with you. Not ONCE to discuss the idea
    3. Terrible terrible customer service and support from customer service
    4. Wrong paper delivered
    5. Not a damn given to your concerns and your frustration
    6. All they care abut is getting the money from you.
    7. I would stay AWAY from this writing service (based on the service I have received from their support team) and this writer
    8. This is a SCAM. Take your money some place else. You will be disappointed.

  2. I normally scheme through the feedback on writing services that I want to use in order to know what I am getting myself into. I found none whatsoever at grademiners and it got me wondering what they feel they need to hide. It is hard to trust such a site.

  3. Billie02:27

    Where are you supposed to find the order form on grademiners.com? It would be nice if they made placing an order easy then we wouldn’t feel like we’re wasting our time.

  4. MoneyMiners..

  5. Geek00:41

    To me one service is as good as the other and we all get different experiences even when we use the same service. so if grademiners works for you, then fine. It might not however work for another so well.

  6. Joll07:05

    The prices at grademiners are not as friendly as they had claimed!

    I have used other writing services that asked for less and I got a better piece. I mean, if you pay for it then you simply expect the best.

  7. Anonymous08:38

    The main thing that disappointed me was their superficiality when it came to the requirements I gave them. It really made me mad because I paid a lot of money (for me), and they were really sloppy with what I asked them to do..

  8. zoooom06:34

    a friend of mine said he was using this service for essays…guys…is it good? What’s your experience with them?

  9. Anonymous02:59

    the only good thing was the communication…

    there, they delivered what they promised…

    but the quality…

    oh, man…

    I don’t recommend this service to anyone who wants a better grade then C…

    you can probably do better if you do it on your own.

  10. Anonymous09:57

    It’s the first time I want to try an outsourcing option for my college tasks.. I have a painful essay to make and I can’t do it on my own… do you recommend this essay service?

  11. Anonymous09:14

    bad quality, don’t recommend this service!

  12. Don't expect them to actually give you the refund they promise you if you're not satisfied or they make you fail!
    I have used this site in the past and the work has been ok. Recently, I submitted a text-in which I received a 40%-COMPLETELY failing-not even close to passing-and they have stalled and given me every reason why they will not refund my money. They said they made a decision as to my case, and the decision was "no refund". When the hell were they going to tell me??? No one contacted me, and they have spent more time arguing with me about this then trying to help me! I will NEVER use them again!

  13. Lindsay08:14

    Ordered a paper at another website. I was on hold for days waiting for a writer to be assigned. The topic was too complicated or so they said. I cancelled the order after 3 days of waiting. So disappointing. Called Grademiners to ask for help and they took my order. Had to pay top dollar for urgency but they find a writer almost at once.

  14. Anonymous04:47

    I saw four grammar mistakes in my essay. This is not acceptable. I am paying for perfect quality, otherwise I could have written the essay by myself.

  15. Anonymous05:24

    i ordered 3 times…the first time wasn’t something I expected…I talked to my writer and we discussed everything. He adjusted, and the next two essays were perfect!

  16. Robert02:35

    While grademiners has writers equipped to write essays, I have to admit that they have no experienced dissertation writers based on my experience with them. They perform poorly on dissertation.

  17. Douglas04:51

    After giving out detailed instructions of what to do and how to go about writing my paper to my satisfaction, including a sample paper, I received a paper that was exactly what I had instructed the writer not to write from grade miners.

  18. Anonymous06:38

    I have heard of many bad experiences people have had with online writing services. This is why I had always been hesitant to use one, but I decided to try grademiners and they managed to prove all those bad reviews and testimonials true. They gave me a paper that was badly written with numerous syntax errors. I wish I had saved my money and time and written the paper myself.