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As we continued our quest for fresh custom-writing services, we stumbled upon – a bidding writing service that enables the customer to place a project and choose the writer and the price for his paper. That seemed like a really nice concept at first, since it enables you to get a more affordable price. Nevertheless, there is always a doubt that such a service is a scam.

This company solves that dilemma in an elegant manner since it allows all customers to leave feedback and evaluate the writers. The only problem with this service is that you can never know what quality you’ll get.
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bid4papers review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20)

We didn’t find a clear list of services. That’s understandable since this is a bidding website and you can order any type of project. Thus, we decided to make an experiment – we placed an order for an unusual project: a detailed book review on Orwell’s Burmese Days. This is not a very popular book, so we didn’t expect to get many bids on the project. We waited for three hours before canceling the project, and there were zero bidders.

Then, we tried something simple – an essay on World War 2. We got seven bids and we were able to choose our favorite one.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 13/20)

Due to the specific procedure of ordering and choosing a bidder, Bid4Papers does not feature a pricing chart. You describe the project when you place the order, and then you get several bids from writers who tell you why they would be a perfect choice, and they offer their price. Thus, you can’t expect a discount code. prices

We realized that the qualified writers for our type of project offered quite high prices. The low offers came from freelance writers with no experience or education in a relevant field of study. As a result, the price of the writer we chose was not as cheap as we hoped for.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 15/20)

The direct communication with the writer was a nice touch since we were able to provide more instructions along the way. We received the first version of the essay on time, but it was 250 words shorter than requested. Despite our precise instructions, the writer ignored an important requirement, and that’s a serious problem for a student ordering papers online.

The writer accepted to add more content in the essay, but we had to wait for 24 hours before we got the paperback. The quality was acceptable, but it was far from impressive. World War 2 is a broad topic, but the writer failed to narrow it down.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 14/20)

There is no customer support on this website. The company clearly instructs its customers to contact the writer for all questions related to the assignment. What if the writer doesn’t respond? What if you’re not happy with the work delivered? Unfortunately, there is no way for a customer to react in such a situation.

We had the luck to collaborate with a responsive writer, but not all customers are that fortunate.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 13/20)


I chose the cheapest writer and it was a total mistake. Not only she was late with my research paper, but she delivered bad writing and didn’t want to revise it. I didn’t want to process the payment, but I still had to use that research paper because I hadn’t time to order another. Bad investment.”


You should never go for the cheapest offer here. The qood writers ask for more money. I ordered twice from this service and the writer you chose makes a serious difference.”


“It’s cheap service, so you shouldn’t expect much.”


“I was excited to see this bidding custom-writing service, I thought it offered more opportunities. But there is no customer service department and the writer I picked wasn’t the right choice. I didn’t find an option to cancel the order so I had to get that report no matter what. It was worse than average and that’s all I can say for this site.”


“god damnit. I paid over 50 bucks for my essay and I received the worst quality possible. From the format, to grammar and style, everything lacked professionalism. Im very very disappointed”

Extra Features:
  • Fun blog
  • Profiles of the writers
  • Customer testimonials.

Conclusion: Bid 4 Papers is a good site for students looking for basic projects, but it wasn’t the right choice for those who need something more complex.

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Date published: 04/07/2016
7.0 / 10 stars


  1. Bd Trick Tunes02:36

    Nice post.I am always your visitor and love your blog

  2. If you need the essay or academic work for your school, maybe it will be a nice option. I had the bad experience with them. The paper I had was Master's work and I wasn't satisfied with what I have got.

    1. Luc, thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. Hook01:32

    With very clear and simple to understand instructions they will be a good choice. They are not adding fees for extra work done by the writer.

  4. Used this service for several academic writer.

    It was nice to pick up writer based on my needs. Also, it allowed me to learn some tips on academic writing.

    I won't use it anymore, I can do everything myself now.

  5. Hesty00:45

    the only thing is good with this service is that I can communicate with the writer directly this prevents the delivery of low-quality work with needed formatting..

  6. Garold00:30

    I love essay writing and bidding sites, but this one seemed friendly at first but the writer seemed to delay in responses which was a problem. The prices were not bad, though the task was not cost-effective. When a customer puts their money on something, they expect good results at a friendly price. The customer support is not available all the time making it hard for effective communication.

  7. Anonymous08:30

    Personally, I love the bidding system since it allows me to choose a writer of my choice and a friendly price for my project. That is if the paper is good enough.

  8. KatY08:40

    The only thing that I can say about Bid4Papers that it was worst experience in my life.

    The first thing you should know about them - they charge high and do have a lot of hidden fees.

  9. kleo06:36

    I wish I had good words, but I don’t. I didn’t enjoy the way they treated my essay, especially when it comes to my requirements, (WHICH I FIRMLY SPECIFIED)… I’d rate it as a two star out of five service.

  10. Anonymous06:54

    I can’t say anything good or bad about them, as my order wasn’t delivered yet…still waiting…

    but I liked the communication between me and my writer.

  11. I’m not very satisfied with this guys…I mean they ask for a lot of money and they could at least offer me a good communication…I tried to contact my writer when I had something urgent to say and he was never there…sucks to know that you can’t totally count on him..

  12. Anonymous04:48

    I want to know if anyone tried Bid4Papers…they seem pretty promising to me, and I would like to give it ago, but I am waiting for a review first..

  13. Anonymous05:29

    damn, I will order soon, and they better deliver what they promise, cuz their website looks pretty dope as far as I’m concerned

  14. Anonymous04:16

    can anyone please recommend me a good writer in the medical field? Someone who truly understands the field and also writes good quality? Please

    1. Anonymous04:17

      I don’t recommend this service, it’s not as good as they say they are, and all the fluffy features they put on their website are half true