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There are not many legit writing services out there and after some research, it has been proven that Uk Essays is not a scam site. The website design of this company seems to be good and easy to navigate, but we have noticed that the website is a bit overpromising regarding their refunds and the non-plagiarism penalty they pay. Have a look at the detailed research we conducted on whether is a good site.

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ukessays review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 16/20)

The types of services UkEssays delivers are presented on the main page of the website and are separated into four categories that include essays, dissertations, reports, reviews, assignments, coursework, thesis, literature reviews, and many others.

The fourth category comprises free features, but we have not come across any of the regular freebies other writing companies offer such as free revisions, proofreading, title page or plagiarism check. The free features presented here are the provided resources for essays, dissertations, and also the referencing generators and the finance ratio calculator. The free essays and dissertations cannot really be seen as a free feature since they cannot be really used, but can only serve to help you in writing an essay or a dissertation. Additionally, they take up much time and make the website filled with too much information.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 9/20)

The prices section is a bit complicated since it does not clearly indicate what the prices are. Instead, it is a generator that gives you the price of your order after filling some fields.
UkEssays claims to have spent great amount of time choosing the right writers, so when making an order, the customer is able to choose between the countries of study and the writer assigned is always a native speaker of their language.

The options regarding the level of writing given by the company seem a bit unrealistic. When ordering an essay, one should choose the grade they want to get and the company promises that if the grade is not as the one requested, they offer a full refund to the customer. This is a bit confusing since everyone knows that teachers have different ways of grading a paper. prices

Speaking of discount and promo codes, we have not found anything like this on the website. There is no first-time ordering discount mentioned, nor is a discount on big projects. If one wants to be informed in this matter, they would have to contact the company.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 15/20)

We had a look at the free papers offered by the company and they seemed to be free of plagiarism, proofread and written in academic language. Additionally, there were many texts there with helpful information on how to write an article.

Then, we decided to proceed to order from this company in order to evaluate the quality of the product.

There was no plagiarism, as promised, which is what we expected when we read that the company offers money if one finds plagiarism in their texts. However, the text had a couple of mistakes and was pretty similar to the original text in the book we sent, so our evaluators graded the text lower than what we requested. Then we realized that it takes much to qualify for this guarantee and at the end, we didn’t manage to prove that the grade we ordered was not implemented in the product we got.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 15/20)

The agents in the customer support were very nice, but it took them a long time to answer our questions. Additionally, the waiting period for an agent to be assigned to us was a bit longer than expected.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 15/20)


“Don’t order from these people. I asked for the highest grade and did not help me achieve the grade I wanted, but charged me more for it anyway.”


“The website promises a lot but fulfills nothing. They were a couple of hours late with my order and only apologized for it instead of refunding me. Also, I find some mistakes in the essay and when I ask for a revision, their agent was very rude.”


“The essay was good, but hadd some grammatical issues.”

Conclusion: As you can note, the detailed research conducted on this company and its writings have not placed it in the group of great writing content companies online.

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Date published: 06/24/2016
7 / 10 stars


  1. anon08:31

    I have few questions.

    (1) How do you find the most suitable writer for you? What’s the process of selection?

    (2) Do they really deliver on time? Deadlines are very important to me.

    (3) From 1 to 10, how much would you recommend

    1. essay expert02:14

      First of all, they suck at deadlines. Second of all, they suck at quality. These are the most important things in essay writing services, and these guys suck at both. Very poor experience for me.

    2. meh, I saw some grammar mistakes in my paper…and they even say they proofread everything before delivering the job…what a waste of money

  2. This company has posted a "sample" essay in which the author, writing a useful paper with no thesis, mischaracterizes and inaccurately cites my work. I asked them repeatedly to remove it and they refused. As a professor, who also sits on the disciplinary committee of my school, I can tell you that using their products would get you expelled. As I lawyer, I can tell you that their "service" is illegal. As a teacher, I can tell you that the poor quality of writing would earn you a failing grade in my course. Don't let this company profit from your lack of confidence. You are far better off writing the paper yourself.

  3. Compete scam. If you ask difficult questions. They can't answer, ultimately delete your order.