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When you open this website, you’re going to be faced with tons of information that seem to be legit at first glance. However, once we really got in touch with them is when we realized their service isn’t all that their homepage so generously claims it is.

Having 1000+ writers with a degree, we expected a much faster service but somewhere along the way we kept waiting for them to accept the order and it was frustrating. Let’s do a full review of so you can see why we weren’t that impressed with this writing service.

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Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 18/20)

The first thing that we really weren’t impressed by was their range of services. It was quite average, but for a service claiming to cater to all your academic needs, it doesn’t really entail ALL a student might need. They offer homework help, assignment writing, paper writing, speech writing, and writing tips. A very basic offer, which is quite fine if you’re looking to get a simple essay done. Other than that, you won’t be very happy.

We reached out to them asking for assistance on a term paper in literature, and although they say they have experts in more than a dozen fields, we were on hold for quite some time until they could find a good fit for us. If you’re in a hurry or have a tight deadline, it’s not going to work for you.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 17/20)

When it comes to their pricing, we had a really tough time figuring it out on our own. Unlike with most reliable writing service websites, you don’t get a price chart, which is a big disadvantage, because you don’t get quick and easy insight into how much your order will cost you. prices

There is a special offer of 10% off on your first order, which you get by entering a special code, but the code didn’t seem to work for us, and since we were in a hurry we had to give it up, and continue without the special discount.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 14/20)
Of course, we placed the first order, to see what kind of an essay we would get back. First of all, we didn’t have an option to get an essay done in a matter of hours, or in 24 hours for that matter, so our need for urgency wasn’t met. We received my essay three days later.

At first glance, everything seemed fine, but then we noticed several spelling errors which were so obvious, and we are not proofreading experts. This meant they don’t double-check their work, and sloppiness isn’t a characteristic of great writing services.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 15/20)

Because we didn’t like the result of my quality evaluation, we immediately wanted to contact customer support. They claim there is always a customer support representative available to chat, but when we sent our chat request I couldn’t get in touch with anyone at that time.
After a few hours we spoke to someone regarding our dissatisfaction, and they actually never did anything to connect us with the person responsible for this low-quality essay. A terrible service, not reliable at all.
Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 15/20)


“Off the bat, I thought my essay was great, I didn’t even look at it, but my professor was terrified by the lack of proper structure. He said that all of the information was okay, but it was scattered all over the place, which is why I got a lower grade. Won’t be paying for their services again.”

Samantha J.J.:

“I wasn’t looking for plagiarism when I signed up for my essay, so why did I get it? I don’t understand, but I won’t be risking my academic success again with this service.”


“Not really the service I was expecting. I mean, they keep you waiting for days or even weeks, and you obviously get what you pay for. They might have lower prices, but the quality is lower too, and for the amount of time you have to wait, you could have learned to write an essay yourself. Not cool.”


“Why wasn’t there anyone who could help me with my speech? They say they can, and when I contacted them they said they were going to help me. And I never heard back from them! How rude. Just wasted my time.”

Conclusion: We wouldn’t really recommend their service because of the slow delivery and because of the errors that shouldn’t be in an essay that you pay for. It’s definitely not on our top list of the best writing services online.

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Date published: 09/21/2016
7.8 / 10 stars

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  1. Anonymous05:33

    Can someone explain me please how these guys operate? How do they proceed when I give them my task? Do they really have an editing team? Can I really count on them?