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  1. Anonymous08:33

    Dont fall for the people that wrote good things about the company. I REPEAT DONT FALL FOR THOSE PEOPLE! Keep your buisness and you precious hard earned money away from this company. Dont waste your money or time and do yourself an favor and steer clear of them. Please. They are horrible beyond belief! My situation is too long of acstory to type so. Just trust me. STAY AWAY FROM GRABMYESSAY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous08:41

      These people are criminals. They said they were having a Ph.D. rewrite my essay, and it was beyond horrible. I don't even think the essay writer was a native English speaker. There were grammatical errors. I asked to have an essay for an app for an MA in clinical mental health counseling written and they wrote a term paper, and in it stated that I already am a mental health counselor. They got other facts wrong as well, and they changed the meaning of many of my sentences significantly. Other sentences just didn't make sense, again like the person wasn't even a native English speaker. Even the sentences that were actually correct English were boring, without any flair for good writing. And on top of that after I sent it back once they asked me for another chance, took 3 more days and sent me back the same essay! Don't go anywhere near this company!

      I would like to add more complaints about this business. They have now sent me 2 revisions of the original horrible essay they wrote for me. The first revision they did was just as bad as the first, and the second was only slightly better. They guarantee to finish the paper within the time frame agreed upon, but they do not guarantee that they will give you an essay that is free of mistakes within that time. Our agreed time frame was seven days and it has been over two weeks since I ordered the original essay, and they still have only given me 3 different essays all of which have grammar errors and several sentences that use vocabulary words incorrectly or inappropriately. And they will not give me a refund for not giving me a mistake free paper within 7 days.
      Furthermore, they claim that all of their writers are native English speakers. This is fraud. I will happily email you the essay they wrote for me if you want to read it and you can judge for yourself if it was written by a native English speaker. It was not.