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Featuring a professional website with updated blog, Essay Writers seems like a good choice for academic papers. Still, in the writing industry, you should never base your opinion on appearance only. There are hundreds of scam writing services that use good marketing strategies to make you believe they are the best.

This is exactly what the company says – that they are the best writers on the market. And while this may be true, EssayWritersWorld Reviews online indicate the opposite. To check if the reviews are real or not, we decided to go ahead and write our own, unbiased review.

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Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 9/20)

After we started looking into the website for more information, we found that it isn't that perfectly crafted. For example, the Services page does not have a list of services offered, which loses its purpose altogether. You will find several services listed on the right of this page, and they are all links to different pages for every service.

The information on these pages is mainly irrelevant and only takes up the time of the visitor. And even though the company invested a lot into website content, the list remains concerningly small, limiting your choices for ordering academic papers from this company.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 9/20)

Despite what the service says, their prices are far from affordable. For example, a single page for a College essay and a deadline of 8 days costs $21.80, and that's with the added discount!

If we go further and check the pricing for higher academic levels such as Master's and PhD, the prices only go upwards. A dissertation chapter within the same deadline would cost $31.30 and $32.35 per page, respectively.

This makes for one of the most expensive writing services on the market, and their discounts do not help a lot. A discount that is this small is basically no discount at all, especially since the company has no loyalty program for returning customers.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

As for quality, our experience only confirmed the reviews online – the company is not a scam, but they deliver bad papers. In a matter of fact, we found our paper to be written in bad English, which gives us the impression that the company does not hire native English writers only.

Not only our term paper was filled with mistakes, but it contained many sentences that made no sense. Therefore, it was not suitable for the academic level selected, and definitely not a paper you could submit to a Master's level subject.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 8/20)

Yes, the company has a customer support service but no, they do not work well. At first, we were happy to see that they have a live chat option in addition to the e-mail address, since this would mean customers could get a quick response when they need one.

However, their customer support service rarely works. They are mostly offline and even in the rare occasions when we found them online, the agent rejected our request for a refund or a revision. So, no revision or money-back guarantee here.

Criteria #5: Customer Reviews (Mark - 9/20)

Homer Escobedo:

"I spent two years looking for a company to write my paper, and I still haven't found it. was another disappointment and I must say, one of the biggest ones I've had. You'd expect to get at least an average quality paper for such a high price. This company failed me in every possible way."

Eunice Tate:

"I got my essay ordered fast, and got it within the deadline. But, I don’t think I can recommend this company to students. They write bad papers and have rude customer service agents."

Florence Castro:

" is a bad company! They gave me a discount, but the smallest one I have seen. And I wouldn't mind the price so much if they gave me a good paper. The paper even missed the entire point of what my professor asked!"

Josh Carter:

"I got a recommendation for this company and now I don't understand why. I got my essay from them and it was terrible. My four-year-old sister writes better in English. This person did so many mistakes, it was not even worth sending it back!"

Wanda Patel:

"Don't pick this company! They deliver plagiarized papers and don't return your money!"

Conclusion: is not a company we would recommend based on their high pricing, limited list of services, bad quality of papers and finally, impossible to reach customer support service.

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Date published: 09/06/2017
4.5 / 10 stars

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