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All testimonials on the site are perfect, which is a sign that they are either unreal or selected by the company. In our experience as writing service reviewers, we learned that even the best services don’t get five stars from everyone. Despite their low reputation, domywriting.com published only 5-star comments from customers.

That’s not all. We learned this and much more in our research. Keep reading.

Site Mark

   - Range of Writing Services Offered
   - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
   - Quality Evaluation
   - Customer Support
   - Customer Reviews

domywriting review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 12/20)

You can only get to the list of services if you open the ordering form. Here you will learn that domywriting.com did well not only in making a vast service list, but also gives you plenty of choices for deadlines, subjects, format and even an opportunity to select the number of sources used.

This is a company that caters all students, regardless of their academic level, school or location. The feedback online confirms this because there are students from all around the world talking about the service. Sadly, most of this feedback is quite negative, for reasons we are about to disclose.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

Getting to the prices is a bit more complicated, but nothing too serious or time-consuming. The ordering process requires you to add the details for your paper, and you can only proceed to price information after you do this.

To help you skip this part and learn about the prices firsthand, we checked how much papers cost here. A lowest academic level essay starts at price of $10 for a deadline of two weeks, which is not bad at all. In fact, it is concerningly low because this price cannot possibly pay a specialist of such high level and experience the company mentions.

domywriting price

Still, there are options for writers you can also choose from, and anything higher than ‘the best available’ is much higher in price. The only discount you can add to make them lower is the promo code for 5% only applicable to first orders. The lack of any other discount or program is very disappointing.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 7/20)

Quality is essential to the choice you have to make here. To make things easier for you, we ordered an essay within a deadline of 5 days, and of academic level that is a bit higher than undergraduate – University level. The paper came at a realistic price, not too cheap since we chose an ‘advanced writer’ option to ensure the quality.

The option did not seem to work because our paper was not very good. This would probably be disastrous if we haven’t paid more for an advanced writer, because the condition of our paper when we did was lower than what would be considered average quality. Lack of proofreading and editing and unreliable sources were the two biggest issues we faced.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 11/20)

Getting VIP support turned out to be a nice idea since we got such a bad paper, so we decided to test this and ask for an immediate revision. We got one free revision, but it was far from immediate. The request was accepted a day later, and the revision came a day after that.

Most students would miss a deadline if they had to wait so long, and it is unacceptable for a company to fail to repair the mistakes of their writers in timely manner.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 8/20)

Vanita Wallace:
"I can’t and I won’t recommend this essay writing company. They are scam, fake, and I honestly don’t have other things to say about them. They took my money and gave back a plagiarized paper."

James Eddy:
"It is not the worst, but far from the best one I’ve used. There are many companies that will deliver the same quality for better prices, I expected much more."

Katharine Lopez:
"This paper writing service makes such promises, everyone could be tricked. I was one of their victims. I say victims because I never got my paper. It was cancelled seven hours after I ordered it, and I had a deadline of a day. So, I ended up spending a fortune for the most urgent deadline at another website because of them."

Ruth Dehoyos:
"I tried them once and did not like the writing. It was not the worst, but not good enough to get me an A."

Site Total Mark



Date published: 02/27/2018
4.8 / 10 stars


  1. After my essay order was botched up, it took do my writing customer support four days to resolve the issue and eventually return my money to me. They disrupted all my plans.

  2. Glen04:47

    So, I saw the testimonials on domywriting.com and I truly thought I could give them my essay and get a well-written essay, but I was so wrong. I could have written a much better essay in one day than what I got with a time frame of four days.

  3. Buddy06:27

    The essay I ordered from domywriting with a three-day deadline was delivered to me twelve hours before deadline. But what I received was obviously hastily written and definitely not proofread.

  4. Anonymous06:03

    I ordered a university level essay from domywriting and received something only an unserious high school kid could have written. The essay was so simple and lacked any argument which I specifically added while placing my order. It seems the writer doesn’t know the implication of submitting poorly-written essay.