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For a little less than $10 per page, you can get a high-quality paper. This sounds amazing, but whether or not it is the actual truth, it requires research to be discovered. Apapers.net hasn’t been in the writing market for a long time now, but they managed to construct a unique and inviting site for their customers.

The website has a page with a dozen articles on writing tips and a blog that is continuously updated. However, our research on their online reputation showed many comments that do not correlate to feedback on the website, which was one more reason to proceed with the research for this apapers.net review.

Site Mark

   - Range of Writing Services Offered
   - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
   - Quality Evaluation
   - Customer Support
   - Customer Reviews

apapers review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 10/20)

The range of services is good. All papers are distributed in four key categories on which the price list is based: writing from scratch, editing/ proofreading, multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving. In the first category, you can find popular papers like essays and research papers, theses and dissertations. The second applies to papers that are already written by the student, while the remaining two are very specific and offer some services you can rarely find on the market.

This is excellent, but there is a small flaw in the system. The site creators seem to be doing great in maintaining the blog and the design, but they don’t provide a list unless you open and start filling the ordering form.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 8/20)

Here is where it gets really tricky – the price we mentioned at the beginning is not the real price. apapers.net turned out to be one of the services with semi-hidden costs. We say semi-hidden because the Prices page gives out information about the extra expenses, but the homepage is certainly misleading.

Taxes are not added to the rates in the table, so expect to be charged more than you originally thought. And while the rates are definitely very cheap and attractive, the discounts are not-so-great. The first-time discount of 10% is solid considering the affordability of the papers, but the loyalty program is very tricky.

apapers price

All the discounts you will get are based on your previous orders. You get 10% bonus from your current order to use on the next one, which means that you won’t be enjoying lifelong offers, regardless of how loyal you are to the company.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 8/20)

The quality evaluation is the key to discovering how reliable a company is. Simultaneously to checking online reputation, we always order from a company and wait to actually see the service offered.

In this case, we went for a simple essay, but for a Master’s level. The paper cost more than we believed at first, and it was worse than we expected. We found a concerning amount of plagiarism and several mistakes in it.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 10/20)

You can ask the customer support to call you or order on the phone and use the live chat to ask questions. The customer support is very nice and the agents are highly professional. We got assistance with the entire process of ordering, and one update on the progress.

When we complained about the plagiarism, we got an approved revision almost instantly. But, when the revision resulted in an even worse paper quality, our refund request was rejected.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 10/20)

Clifton Hill:
"I tried apapers.net and they don’t lie about the prices – they are cheap. I am in the EU, so I didn’t pay those extra taxes and the price was good, but I didn’t really like the writing. They do lie about the quality."

Jeffrey Patenaude:
"Apapers is a fraud of an essay writing service! I ended up paying a lot more than the pricelist shows, and my paper was not half as good as they said it would be. The support service did nothing to fix my problem, but they still send me ‘special offers’ via e-mail every second day or so!"

Greg Wilcox:
"I don’t think well of this paper writing service. They are not so cheap, but that is acceptable if a company is good. I’d rather pay more to get quality papers. But, this does not happen here. I guess I’ll keep looking."

Marvin Brown:
"I ordered a term paper here. I don’t know where to start complaining. The term paper was not proofread (they said I can pay extra for proofreading when I complained about the mistakes), it did not include citations, it cost me more than I thought, and was generally much worse than I expected. I urge you to stay away from this company!"

Site Total Mark



Date published: 02/27/2018
4.6 / 10 stars

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