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It’s hard to find time to write an essay paper or a case study when you fall under dozens of different assignments and tasks. You have sleepless nights, headaches and not a time for work, family or relations. Your friends have not seen you for ages, and you are nervous about your grades, tests, exams or other related to education things. Academic writing companies appeared on the market because of the students’ need – save time for rest and boost up the grades. at first glance has a massive, full of information website where you can find the answer to almost any question you might have. However, the navigation on the website is a little bit confusing, so when we had been searching for the service list, pricing and other information we spend a lot of time. Moreover, there are a lot of different students reviews online about this service, so we decided to create our own and find out if they are so good as they claimed on the website.

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academized review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 4/20)

Unlike other academic writing teams, Academized divides its services into several categories: writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting and re-writing. They don’t have separate pages of the papers, the process of specific paper writing, etc. – they indicate what they can do with any paper according to their website.

academized features

So, no matter if you are looking for a dissertation or its rewriting, it can be done here. However, the quality of endpaper is questionable. We checked samples on the website and cannot say for sure if they are good or bad.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 2/20)

Pricing is not among this company’s strengths. The price per college essay page starts from $15 with the deadline of 14 days which is quite expensive comparing with other academic writing companies. It usually depends on the deadline, your academic level and the number of pages you need.

The newcomers discount is available on the website, and you can get a code by clicking on the footer block you cannot get rid of. The loyalty program is standard as well. The more you order, the less you pay.

academized extras

As for payment options, there are several of them: Credit card, AMEX and Pay Pal.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 4/20)

We decided to order an essay paper from this team and not looking at the price placed an urgent 24 hours order. The topic was simple and connected with the Arthur Milliner’s novels. The writer should have chosen the negative character and tell about him or her. Their motives and the development throughout the novel. The easiest way was to choose Abigail from The Crucible – and the writer did so. But instead of writing a character development essay he told her story – without analysis, arguments or critique. Moreover, some parts of the essay were copied and pasted from online academic resources.

We started to call support to get the paper revised but have not got any adequate help so far.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 2/20)

Customer support here is available via chat, email and by phone. You need to wait a lot to get the help you need. Before placing the order, the team is polite and responsive, but after the order is placed and you are not satisfied for some reason with the paper – they become rude. When we called them with our issue, the dropped us off several times – and when you should wait to dial up for two hours, it is not okay.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 2/20)

Diane F.:
"I’ve ordered an easy to write essay paper from this team. I needed it next day. The paper was late three hours, and the quality was terrible. There were no revisions or something similar, and I was forced to write it myself (even having only two hours before the submission). I got C for my essay, and for this one, I would probably get F."

Tim A. :
"I was looking for a couple of papers and found this team online. I thought they could help me. But I got the only a headache and one plagiarized and the second low-quality paper. Still waiting for the refund, no response from the support at all."

If you are ready to get poor quality plagiarized paper or re-written one you may try t order from these guys. The support is only responsive at the sales stage, and there are no unlimited revisions as they state on the website. We check quality ourselves and can say for sure this company should move away from the market or change something.

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Date published: 10/01/2018
1.4 / 10 stars


  1. Anonymous12:11

    I find it unbelievably unprofessional. They are easy on plagiarism and willing to lie to your face to buy time. Only thing I learn from the company is to trust the bad review because it can happen to you. I paid a fortune for a simple topic called Antonymy. The writer is lazy and has no understanding of how to use appropriate references and proper citation. When asked to revise he merely changed the references without revising the content. I told him that more canonical and classic references are needed to define “antonymy”, he never seemed to get it, and I found out later that he shockingly copied large information from another text. He survived the plagiarism check by making the text worse. I was so repulsed when I found out about what he did, but according to the Academized, it is acceptable. He also uses complexed and weird sentences just to reach the word counts.

    Academized also has no awareness of how important the deadline is. They kept asking for an extension and lied to my face about the work almost done. I could share the link above because I ended up missing the deadline completely. They still did not get the damages they had done to me and trying to shove another useless writer down my throat though I kept insisting that the deadline was over. What am I going to do with the work that can't be submitted? Also, remember not to give them any more time if they ask for because you’ll lose the chance for compensation. Yes, they are that disgusting.

    I ended up not being able to use any of the work I paid for (based on the plagiarism part; I was actually lucky as my professor would definitely fail me if they found out about it. It took me a simple google search to find the original draft, but Academized still thinks it's o.k). Unfortunately, I can’t leave links but trust me, what I said here is based on my painfully firsthand experience.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience!