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Order Now ( is a legit writing services company, advertising a wide range of solutions at affordable prices. At first glance, their website is a little different than the sites of other writing services. You cannot actually see immediately the range of services offered, and there is no first-time order discount available. To find out important information, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page, which is not so user-friendly.
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- Range of Writing Services Offered
- Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
- Quality Evaluation
- Customer Support
- Customer Reviews review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 15/20)

EssayTigers offers the following writing solutions to students, graduates or undergraduates: essay writing, research paper writing, Academic writing, Business writing, and also Homework writing. Besides these solutions, they also offer high academic level writing services such as Honors Thesis writing, PhD Dissertations, Admission essays, Professional reports, MBA admission letter writing and more.

In order to find out about all the services they offer, we had to read plenty of content and scroll down to the bottom of the page where these were listed.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 15/20)

There are no clear prices enlisted for each type of paper. Instead, there is a price calculator available, which will help you check the cost based on the type of paper you select, the writing level or the number of pages needed. We also could not see a discount code that would help you save money on your orders. prices

Regarding the payment policy, they have the Money Back Guarantee, and the non-disclosure and Plagiarism Free policy. You just need to read these policies carefully to understand the provisions and limitations.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 13/20)

The essay we received as a sample from Essay Tigers had a medium quality we would say. Firstly, we found a few minor editing mistakes. These are not huge errors, and it took us only one minute to correct, but they are still errors.

Then, the bibliography page of the essay was incomplete; we could not decide if this is MLA style or APA style. The writing quality was good, but the editing mistakes certainly lowered the overall quality of the paper.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 14/20)

The greatest majority of reputable writing services that are not scam will have an instant chat option. At this company, we could not see any chat window available. However, they say they offer top quality customer service, but you can contact them only through Skype calls, a Toll-Free number or an email address.

We tested all three options and our finding is that you can reach them best through email contact. If you are in a hurry and wish to place a Skype call, you just need to arm yourself with patience.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 11/20)

Stephen K.:

“I am a little disappointed in the services provided by They did indeed deliver good quality wrings, but I had to contact then several times to check on the progress of the paper. The writer missed the deadline, so my paper was not accepted in college. They apologized and offered me a discount, but even like this, I am left with a slightly bitter taste regarding the experience.”

Lola Rumbley:

“The writers delivered me a 3 page essay intead of a 7 page one as requested. Now, I have to wait a few days more until they finish up the rest of the pages. The quality of the writing is good, it’s just bothered me they wrote shorter essay than what I ordered.“

Nancy Rodriguez:

“I will contact them next time I need writing papers.“

Louis Lambert:

“I am a doctoral student at a prestigious university and I asked for help with my Thesis. delivered the first 10 pages, and the language is very good, but I found tiny errors in editing. Moreover, I had to pay for several features that other companies offer as freebies (such as a title page!).“

Chrissa Ladopoulos:

“I am English university in Athens. I order 4 essays and 1 term paper for English class. Writers offer good paper and cheap for the price. Unfortunately, only wait one week to receive paper.”

Extra Features:
  • Information on blogs
  • Free quotes.

Conclusion: Students who do not necessarily need brilliant quality papers, should contact this writing services company.

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Date published: 03/19/2016
6.8 / 10 stars


  1. John08:46

    When I got my essay on "Battle of Stalingrad" topic, I was not satisfied. There were some grammatical mistakes and I had to apply for corrections.

  2. Benny01:27

    I think the layout on this site should be seriously improved to allow us to check out the prices before we take the time to type in our specifications. This would save us time and make it easier to decide whether to stick to the page or move on.

  3. Lola23:30

    there are a lot of things to like about the service at essaytigers. my only question is, why isn’t there a direct chart link? this would make it easier to clarify our orders and even follow up on them

  4. Sharon00:32

    what happens when time is of the essence at I mean are there specific days for specific projects and are we charged per day? I ask this because I was not able to find the pricing link.

    1. Sharon, they provide all types of papers for the same price.

  5. Conscious citizen09:40

    I know that it is now okay to use such writing services as 'essaytiger'.
    But as far as I am concerned, this is promoting laziness and hypocrisy.
    I mean how will these kids learn to take up their own responsibilities if they are able to get away with paying for their grades?

  6. jeny02:06

    they have three options: undergratudate, bachelor, professional. I needed the professional version, and I paid a lot of $. When the writer gave me the essay, I felt like I made the worst possible deal. It wasn’t what I expected from this experience…thumbs down.

  7. awesome blog worm04:13

    I’ve seen far better services on the internet, and I even tested them…from what I’ve heard of this guys, it’s not worth putting your money here…

  8. good writers and good communication. Also the deadlines were met, so nothing bad to say , only good

  9. I got the essay in time, with no errors, I’d say it’s good…but it doesn’t shine, like I was expecting…maybe it was my expectations, and the paper is good…we’ll see what my teachers says lol :D

  10. Anonymous06:55

    My assignment was given to my on the predisposed deadlines, but I’m pretty dissatisfied with the writing

    I expected better tbh. 4 out of 10 rating from me.

  11. Anonymous05:28

    hell, my assignments kill me…they are so hard, and I really wish to think EssayTigers team will help me. What can you guys tell me about their service?

  12. The site looks quite client friendly so far, thanks for the review!

  13. Anonymous06:50

    Don't use this service under any circumstance, the assignment was due to be delivered in 6 days of which paid a premium, then they requested a 2-3 day extension - the quality of work sent back was atrocious, the dog could have written better material.

    Two weeks later the revision came back - only to be given the same work, yes NO REVISION what so ever.

    They say the writers are UK Based which cannot be true.

    The level of written comprehension and ability to set out a document is probably worse than "O" level standard.

    What could be a nothing more than concise Instructions, an Assignment Brief, Assesment Criteria for each Question and Webinars for the Assignment could go wrong?

    A complete and utter shambles beyond any recognition.


  14. Anonymous04:32

    Provides really unacceptable level of service. Provided the company with assignment instructions and even a few articles and none was read (did not reflect in my work). Assignment instruction was NOT followed, neither did the writer read the instruction sheet. Asked for my money back and it took over two weeks to get my refund. Spoke to a Tina Tyson who sounded Indian, she was very uncooperative and even gave me the incorrect email address for my complaint. When I called, my calls were avoided (when I called in the morning, Tina Tyson answered the phone and her son was crying in the background. Sounded more like a family home rather than a business place. She was also not native English, sounded Indian.) She also hung up the phone on me, after calling again, the phone was answered but no one spoke, following that, after I kept calling no one answered the phone. My chats were practically blocked. No one replied to me. I have the chat transcripts and emails between myself and the staff I chatted to online and proof of work that was done for those who would like the see the service I received..I am more than happy to share them!! It also makes me wonder if they actually have native English writers. They also did not want to provide my refund. First the told me my refund would be issued in 48 hours, that went by and nothing..then I was told the next day...again, nothing. I had to contact my bank and report it - my bank informed me that they would take over the complaint if 15 days had passed and my money was still not refunded - which they were happy to do.
    I do not recommend this company. Their website says full refunded is provided if you are unsatisfied; HOWEVER, that IS NOT the case. When talking and chatting to staff, if seemed like no one read my complaint. I had to keep repeating myself..even though I had also attached all the proof of why I was unsatisfied in my complaint email, they still avoided refunding my money.
    Again, I do not recommend this company.

    Also, when I asked for their names, they refused and said they cannot give out their real names. They also would not tell me who is in charge or provide me with an email address. The email address on the website is not the one you will ever be able to place a complaint on. It will just be ignored..Tina Tyson kept telling me she will forward my complaint to the complaint department! Seriously, that's total B.S and fraud!
    STAY AWAY OR you will lose your money.