Wednesday Review [Score: 72/100]

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When we first landed the website of this service, this is the impression we got: it certainly doesn’t look like a scam. has great design, and the policies of the company are relatively clear. The complex website design looks cool, but it is a bit confusing when you’re trying to find the exact piece of information you need. The core services meet the needs of an average student, although there aren’t any special or unusual assignments you can order.
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ultilus review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 17/20)

When you scroll down the homepage, you can see a list of core services: essay, research paper, dissertation, thesis, editing, and business writing. This list seems a bit basic, but there is a more detailed explanation about the company’s offer on a separate page of the website.

The services are separated into three categories: academic writing, editing, and business writing. The category of academic writing also includes research papers, term papers, book critique, grant proposal, coursework, movie review, and few other types of papers. is not the most versatile writing service we’ve seen since its offer lacks a case study, business plan, admission essay, article, multiple-choice questions, and few other services that are available at other sites. Nevertheless, the offer is still good enough to meet the needs of an average student.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 14/20)

There is a clear pricing chart at the site. The prices are not extremely high, but they are still much higher than the offer of other top-quality services. The quotes, ranging from $18 to $80 per page, are provided in four categories: high school, undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral. We were surprised to realize there was no discount code for first orders at the site. The fact that you have to hit Google to search for a discount code for is really inconvenient since you never know if these codes work.

ultilus prices

As for the pricing policy, the up-front payment doesn’t include any hidden fees, but there is a problem: we didn’t see a Money Back guarantee at the site.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 15/20)

Regarding the high price for an essay (we paid $42 for a 2-page essay of Undergraduate level with a deadline of 20 days), we expected much greater quality. We didn’t mind the structure of the essay, and the ideas were pretty creative, too. The only problem was the style – it was too basic for an undergraduate student. This might have been the perfect essay for a high-school student, but it was not good enough for the level we requested.

The essay had a nice bibliography page in MLA style, which increased the overall quality of this essay.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 12/20)

There is a live chat at the site, but it requires you to submit a name, email, and a reason for chat before you can access the support. That’s something we haven’t seen at other sites. The live chat is supposed to be a quick and convenient solution, and Ultius is currently failing in that aspect. The phone support works well, but the agents weren’t very attentive when we tried to get updates for our order.

There is no direct contact with the writer of the customer’s paper.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 14/20)

Nietzsche L.:

“I’ve used twice. I was pretty happy with the quality first time, but the book review I ordered after that was no good. For this price, I expect more.”


“This is one of those services that looks perfect. You like the site and you see it promises great things. I don’t think the price is expensive like other people say because I know how it’s difficult to write essays. But, the essay had flaws and they refused to give me revisions.”

Richard M.:

“I’m a satisfied customer. I ordered a history essay in high school level and I got just what I needed: simple paper without errors. Short sentences and two references.”


The customer service doesn’t respond. When they do respond, they don’t answer the questions. I was relieved to get the research paper on time. It wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t bother asking for revisions because the customer service representatives would’ve ignored me again.”

Extra Features:
  • Nice blog
  • Active Twitter profile.

Conclusion: The service delivers average quality, but the prices are a bit higher than expected.

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Date published: 03/30/2016
7.2 / 10 stars


  1. I was disappointed with the service I have received from them. My work from Ultimus has not passed the grade. The writer I had been working with probably didn't have proper level.

  2. This services helped me to pass through several Historical papers at school. It was nice to talk with a writer.

  3. Nesh23:33

    When you don't have time for research you may use them. They will find all the information needed fast, but as for writing, it is not so good. I had several reviews and corrections of the work I had with them, but at the end needed to rewrite it myself.

  4. Kloddd06:34

    These guys saved me a lot of money on my dissertation and formatting. I have also got a coupon code from them which saved me some money. I would rather buy a coffee to the writer with whom I worked - nice person and attentive to the details.

  5. Anonymous09:42

    These guys have completely screwed my paper on physics!!!(

    When I have got my paper I thought it has been written by a child. Moreover, I had a tight deadline and were not able to show anything to my teacher!

  6. Johnyy07:58

    Has anyone tried the Dissertation type of service? It’s a pretty big deal you know, I wouldn’t want it to f**k my life because of low quality…anyone?

    1. Anonymous06:53

      it’s good if you are a mediocre student and don’t want the best quality for your papers…I am not that person, and I was disappointed with the results they gave me..

  7. who know02:07

    Ultius has a good interface, and good looking website..most would believe it to be the most professional service, but I object. There’s a lot of fluffy promises like best quality best service etc, but after my first and second experience, I would rate it as a poor service.

  8. Anonymous06:56

    I don’t recommend Ultius unless you don’t care about your grades.

    The grammar and punctuation suck!

    what kind of writers do you have? I can write better than my assigned writer

    this is such a scam.

  9. sacha05:29

    all I need is good quality and respected deadlines…I really want to make sure these criterias are met…anyone has previous experiences with them? Any recommandations?

  10. Anonymous22:52

    I used to work for the elitist, money-hungry, Trump-supporting, college dropout scam artist who owns this company - Boban Dedovic. Neither he nor his Writing Manager bimbo girlfriend would know an MLA Handbook if it hit em in the head. Sadly, their staff is grossly underpaid and, subsequently, extremely lazy, poorly managed and jaw-droppingly unprofessional. This all made sense in the end considering that most of the company's profit is spent preventing cyber attacks and lawsuits. Boban Dedovic's current scams include Ultius Inc, the Nevada Center on Foreign Relations, and Agopri Corporation. Interested parties are better off finding a writer on Craigslist. Trust me, they don't care.

    1. Thanks for sharing the internal workings of this company!

  11. Anonymous12:48

    Do not count on them. Some of the writers are NOT native English speakers. I had to spend hours rewriting a paper that was also submitted to me late. Bad service.