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We’re always on the hunt for new writing services that emerge online, as we want to see whether there’s a company out there that students can really put their trust in. Although there are more than enough online writing services, we always like to see if there’s a new and improved version of the same old writing services. In that hunt, we found out about

After taking a quick stroll through their website, and seeing the words good to great appear, we wanted to investigate further whether the claims they make about excellence are true. Read the complete EssayEdge review to find out more.

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   - Range of Writing Services Offered
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essayedge review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 12/20)

We read several reviews that spoke of their disappointment with their offering and writing services. Unfortunately, we can’t contradict the fact that their offering really can’t compare to some of the best writing services out there. It seems as if they either don’t have enough writers or not enough experienced writers in all fields to satisfy the needs of their clients. 
If you’re a student, you’re going to want a service that can have experts in various fields and can use this knowledge to craft amazing academic papers. Sadly, this isn’t one of the services as their list of writing services that they do is pretty basic, including academic essays, homework, book reports, thesis and dissertation paper writing.  

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

This EssayEdge com review also covers their pricing, discounts, and payments. We’ve found that it’s not quite as easy to find out more about their pricing. This is one of the greatest faults, as you want to be as transparent and informative as you can be. 
We didn’t find any insight into how they price their orders since there was no price chart insight. We did, however, find two coupons that are available, which you can use to get 20% off of their editing services, as well as a 50% off coupon for your first order, if you decide to order your paper from them.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

We asked the customer support to send us a few samples of different kinds of assignments that dealt with different kind of topics. Some essays were poorly written, by writers who didn’t really know much about the topic. Everything from the title to the conclusion was written as if it was from Wikipedia, and not thoroughly researched. 
Depending on the topic, the quality was either really bad or just awful. They seem to have writers that generally know how to write, but don’t specialize in any specific field. If you want a high-quality essay on a certain topic, then you need a service who has writers with enough knowledge and experience on the topic, and this is definitely not the company.
Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 8/20)

Their customer support team doesn’t seem different from the usual. They have an option for chat, email, and call, but you don’t get any guarantees that you’ll get an answer or that they will be available at all times. 
Meaning, we tried to contact them several times during the day. Sometimes they were responsive, at other times of the day they never bothered to answer. This isn’t exactly the definition of support you want from a writing service. Although they claim to have a customer representative available 24/7, we couldn’t get in touch with one. At least, not in the time-frame that suited us.  

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 14/20)

Harry K.
     "Not terribly disappointing, but not good either. They claim to give you great papers, but it wasn’t great at all, it was actually something that I could have written myself. I would give them praise for delivering on time, but that was the only thing that I can praise. I would never have them write my paper again."
Kelly I.
     "The customer support never answers me, and my emails seem to end up in spam! I tried to contact them to get more information about their prices, but it was as if they were avoiding to answer. Just a fair warning to all!"
     "I don’t like the quality of the papers at all. At first, it seemed fine, but my professor didn’t agree with that. I tried to order a couple more, but they were all pretty much average. For an essay ordered in time, I was expecting that they would at least do their research and try to return a paper that was of high-quality."
     "Don’t get your paper written by them! You’re not going to get what you pay for if you even get it at all. They were overdue with my paper, and I didn’t manage to turn it in on time."

     "Clearly, my homework assignment wasn’t a priority to them. I had to wait one extra day for them to deliver, and it seemed like it was written in a rush."

Conclusion: Want a service that delivers high-quality at affordable prices and actually cares about their clients? Then continue on with the search, because we don’t recommend this company.

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Date published: 07/31/2016
5.4 / 10 stars

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