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'Highest grades' and 'unlimited revisions' are just two of the things promises on their official website. In addition to this, the website lists various positive essayclick reviews from satisfied customers. If you look into this website, you will immediately get the impression that this is the perfect service for your papers. The website design is trendy, and information is very easy to find.

Regardless, we look a bit closer when writing our reviews. For the purpose of this review, we evaluated all the company's features, as well as feedback outside the website. Read on.

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   - Range of Writing Services Offered
   - Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy
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   - Customer Support
   - Customer Reviews

essayclick review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 10/20)

There are three categories for services offered at – writing, editing and slides. Unfortunately, you will find no proofreading services, but this is where the confusing part comes – the description of editing services is actually a description of proofreading. So, which one do students get when they choose this option?

Finding the list of services is impossible, since there is no list of services here. The only thing offered is the option between the three categories, which means that you cannot check if the company offers all your papers.

Interestingly, they do not request this information when you place your order. This is extremely concerning, since different papers require specific requirements, and without this information, you cannot really expect the company to provide you with the paper you need.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 14/20)

Deadlines here start at only 10 days, which means that you are not able to order your papers weeks or months ahead. Still, the pricing is affordable and starts at only $12 per page for the high school level. College academic papers cost $14 to $28 per page, while the highest rate is $50 for PhD academic level.

essayclick price

Deadlines are very limited here since students cannot order their papers within hours. Not only the company fails to provide options for ordering weeks and months ahead, but they actually offer the shortest deadline of 12 hours.

As for discounts, there is none. We found the prices to be quite affordable when writing this essay click review, but the lack of discounts is concerning. The company does mention 'constant discounts' on the homepage, but there is no other information on loyalty programs or bulk discounts anywhere on the website.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 12/20)

Unfortunately, our paper looked more like what reviews online said than what the samples on the website look like. If you got the impression that this company has good writers from the samples they provide, you are about to be very disappointed. The paper we got was of very poor quality, it did not even fit the cheap rate we got.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 12/20)

Contacting should be very easy, but it isn't. The live chat option is not responsive, while the phone agents are somewhat unprofessional. When we called to complain about the bad paper, the agents tried to convince us the paper was of great quality.

We had to point out to the numerous mistakes in content one by one, after which the agent finally approved our request for a revision. Still, even after this revision, our paper was still of low quality.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 10/20)

William Wilson:

"It is a cheap company, but one of the worst I have tried. They have no discounts, and the writes are very bad. If they were good, I wouldn't mind that they have no discounts – the prices are good without one. Still, for such a bad paper, I am sorry I spent the money I spent."

Erma Mitchell:

"I used this company a month ago and have a bad experience with them. I told all my friends – this company has serious problems with plagiarism. If I didn't check the content online on the plagiarism checker, I would submit a paper that was obviously a poor copy of an online article! The writer of my essay basically opened a page and copied it into my order."

Lowell Russ:

"When I complained about the mistakes and some plagiarism I found, I got no revision or refund. Do not use this company."

Donald Worthington:

"If you want good papers, this is not the place to get them. Writers here are not so good, and prices are high. There is no benefit for students who order often. There really aren't many good companies online, but I still don't recommend this company."

Conclusion: From what we learned by evaluating and reading online feedback, this company delivers poor content and is not a good choice for your academic papers.

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Date published: 11/02/2017
5.8 / 10 stars

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