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With a trendy website and inviting content, seems like the obvious choice for your academic papers. However, we require much more to rate a company as a great one, which is why we evaluated the company's services, prices, customer service, and did a quality evaluation.

According to reviews online, this company is not as good as they promise. This is confirmed by the samples on the website since they are actually of average quality. Read our review to learn more.

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pro papers review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 12/20)

Finding the information for our pro-papers review was easy since the website is very easy to use and quite informative. This means that you get to see a full list of services once you open the Services page, as well as a table of prices where you can check your order's quote.

Pro-papers offers an average range of writing services. You can order the commonly assigned papers here, but not the more specific, rarely assigned academic tasks. Fortunately, the service does offer these papers for all academic levels and has a variety of deadlines you can choose from.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 14/20)

With a starting rate of only $10 per page for the undergraduate level, this company is a cheap essay writing service. Bachelor level papers start at $15 per page, while the Professional level starts at $18 per page.

While this pricing is actually very cheap, the newcomers discount program of the service is quite tricky. You will find that has a first-order discount in the form of the common loyalty program, but the requirements for their first-order discount are very tricky. A customer has to spend over $100 on the order to get the smallest discount of 5%, while they'd have to spend $1000 to get 15% off.

This makes for one of the smallest offers for a price reduction when it comes to newcomers. As to loyal customers of the service, returning customers get immediately enrolled in the program with their second purchase.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 12/20)

According to pro-papers reviews, we are looking at a company that delivers plagiarized content. This wasn't the case with our order, except for few instances that the writer changed immediately when we asked for a revision.

Still, we cannot say that the company delivers quality papers, especially not for the high rate we paid. We only got a 5% discount since our order was not as big as the company requires. For that price, we expected an amazing term paper.

Instead, we got content filled with mistakes and very poorly written. The writer did fix most of these mistakes when he was revising our paper, but he clearly wasn't experienced enough to craft a paper for the Master's quality level.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 14/20)

Do not expect a lot from this company's customer service – their live chat agents are nowhere to be found, and the only way to get in touch with the company is if you call their phone agents.

The phone agent was very polite and approved our request for a revision. However, he was not able to provide us with information about the next delivery of the revised paper. We got the paper two days later, which is a long period for a free revision.

As for the e-mail, we haven't got a response after a week from our message.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 10/20)

Marie Carlos:

"I am using this company for a month now, and the only reason why I haven't stopped is because I cannot find a cheap company to write my papers. When I get my papers here, I need to spend an hour fixing ridiculous mistakes. The writers are not that bad in writing, but their English is bad. I am guessing they are not native. Still, do not ask for a revision. They will approve it, but they will take forever to deliver the paper."

Daniel Painter:

"I have always been bad at writing. I tried dozens of companies so far, and no success. is one of these services and I cannot vouch for them. They are not good providers."

David Nilson:

"Pro-papers missed my deadline! I am now negotiating a refund, but they keep offering discounts for my next orders. Why would I order from a company who missed my deadline the first time? It is outrageous!"

Ronald Jones:

"The prices here are average, but the writers are not fluent. I got my essay on time, but for what I got I must say – they overcharge for the papers. If the prices were cheaper, maybe. But with these prices, I will be looking for a different company."

Conclusion: features an excellent website, but the quality of content and bad discount policy are very concerning. Overall, this is not a great company for your papers.

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Date published: 11/02/2017
6.2 / 10 stars

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