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We got several requests from students to review The service has been attracting quite some attention with its main claim: “Get your college essay written for only $13.40 per page – communicate directly with your writer!”

That seems like a promising start. It’s an affordable price, and the option to work together with the writer is attractive. However, you have to keep in mind that this is a bidding service. These are not expert writers; they are freelancers who don’t always have the experience you expect. You never know what to expect when you hire this agency.

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essaysupply review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 6/20)

You may order a usual essay, but an option for a UK essay is also available. You can also get coursework, book report, research paper, term paper, dissertation, and more. Admission essays, scholarship essays, and personal statements are also available. Plus, you can get formatting and editing help on this website.

We decided to test if the versatility of EssaySupply is realistically presented through its list of services. We placed an order for a dissertation chapter on a really complex topic. Not a single bid in 4 days. Then we ordered a simple essay and the bidders started showing up.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 8/20)

“Get your college written for only $13.40 per page” is a really attractive offer. However, it’s quite a misleading one, too. Let’s face it: a great writer would never give you the lowest bid. In fact, we didn’t get such a low bid. The lowest one was $17 per page, although we assigned a long deadline of 10 days.

There’s no way to know how much you’ll pay before you choose your writer. There’s no discount code. Since we wanted to give this service a chance, we chose a writer with a high rank. Hence, the price was higher.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 6/20)

The fact that you don’t know what kind of education these writers have is troublesome. You can access their profiles, but you won’t find reliable information on their qualifications. You’ll see that a single writer has worked on projects from history and religion, literature, political science, marketing, management, IT and technology, and much more. So you can’t expect expertise.

essaysupply features

When we realized that, we knew we could only expect paraphrased content. That’s exactly what we got. We used a plagiarism detection engine and it turned out that 24% of the paper was plagiarized. Even the rewriting wasn’t done well.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 6/20)

There’s not much of a support system at EssaySupply. The main support feature is the ability to contact your own writer. We appreciated the direct communication option, but that option failed in practice. The writer was not responsive to our messages. We tried to get revisions due to plagiarism and we were simply ignored.

The lack of a decent customer support system is a serious issue with There’s no one to complain to. We were left without a significant amount of money and with a useless, plagiarized paper. So much of the high expectations.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 6/20)

"I’ve never tried a bidding service before, so I decided to check what the fuss was all about. My choice was Essay Supply. Now, I don’t know if all bidding services are like this one. Probably there are good ones out there. But this one is not! I got a lousy paper and they didn’t give my money back."

"I chose the writer with the lowest bid, since I went there for the affordable price. It was $15 per page. The quality of this paper was awful. It was like something a twelve-year-old would’ve written. I don’t recommend this one at all."

"I was skeptical from the very beginning, but hey; I like taking risks. The decision to hire was a huge risk, and I lost. The price was higher and the quality lower than expected."

"The writer promised to deliver the content by my deadline, which was 9 days. I didn’t get the term paper. When I contacted her, she explained that she wasn’t able to complete the content on time. She informed me about that after she missed the deadline. So here I am, with the deadline missed and a course failed."

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Date published: 01/10/2018
3.2 / 10 stars

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