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When we try to find essay writing services for reviews, we always encounter interesting writing services that truly stand out with their offering, prices or professionalism. Then we encounter those such as, which are completely different from the rest on the market.

They are indeed one of the most unique writing services out there, but we wouldn’t exactly dare to call them a writing service at all. So, want to find out more about them? Stay tuned for the entire EssayTyper review and find out more about what they are all about, and whether this software is worth your time.

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essay typer review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 8/20)

We have gained no extensive knowledge about what kind of essays you can have written for you, even after taking a peek at other EssayTyper reviews online. It is basically impossible to do anything besides having the paper magically written for you, and the entire website seems more like a game than serious writing service. 
The thought of having an essay created for you in a matter of minutes sounds marvelous, but it’s completely unethical and won’t give you an original essay. Since there’s no actual range of services and not enough information about this software, we wouldn’t recommend it to students.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 12/20)

Although the website itself is completely free, and you’re not actually paying for an essay to be created by professionals, you can’t rely on a computer to do the work for you. No matter what topic it is, the topic and the content doesn’t usually match, and even though it is a free service, it isn’t worth anything, because you get a useless paper that you can’t turn in. 
You risk plagiarism, and even though it’s free and you could potentially get some ideas from the paper, it isn’t something that we would recommend, especially if you’re serious about your academic studies and your grades.  

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

Overall, this isn’t a typical writing service whatsoever. The quality of the papers is bad, and you don’t get many options to choose what you should write. It can’t compare to other professional writing services that have real writers that take care of your tasks as if they were your own.

This service might be hyped, but it’s not worth any risk. If you’re searching for quality papers, then we highly recommend you find a service that has real writers that can listen to your needs and write papers that are going to be authentic to you and will benefit your academic studies.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 12/20)

In terms of customer support, all that you are able to do is contact the owner and creator via social media, such as Twitter. Since there are no actually writers involved, you don’t have the need for customer support and you won’t actually find any options for it either. 
As you can see, they are not your ordinary essay writing service, but definitely not worth your investment. If a writing company or software doesn’t give you the option to contact them and ask questions and find out more about the service, then you can’t expect them to deliver high-quality work as they don’t really get in touch with their clients to show that they care.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 12/20)

Andrew Ace
     "This is pretty much useless. It is fun though, you have to give them the credit, but it’s definitely not something that you can use, because you would waste more time correcting all the errors than you would actually writing the entire thing yourself."

Peter Greyson
     "As a former professor myself, I can guarantee you that this kind of work won’t be acceptable at your school. It seems like a great idea but it’s definitely not at the academic level. Take your time and write it yourself."

Miranda S.
     "I was looking for a real paper writer, not a machine, but somehow I got sucked into this. Needless to say, it’s a complete waste of time, and I wouldn’t take the risk."


     "I don’t know what people think this is. This really does seem magical, but if you’re looking for a paper writing service, then you have no business going onto this website. And I don’t recommend you using it either."

Conclusion: We hope that this EssayTyper com review has helped you, but we highly recommend you don’t turn to this software, as you don’t get a guarantee that your paper will be original.

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Date published: 07/31/2016
5.4 / 10 stars

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