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You can rarely find CUTE writing services online, but is actually one of those. Unlike other writing companies who have professional-looking websites, this company decided to go the other way and added an interesting kangaroo animation on their homepage.

Still, even though the website is good to the eye, the blog has not been updated for a long time. In addition to this, reviews online are mostly negative, which led us to believe that perhaps this company is not as good as they promise to be. To check if this is true, we decided to evaluate the company and write our own review.

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essayroo review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 8/20)

The list of services offered here is very limited. Generally speaking, you will find nine categories for services at, but only few writing services in them. And when it comes to writing services, most students expect to be able to order all their papers from their favorite provider. If this were yours, you would still have to find a company that offers the remaining papers not included in their list.

The Services page is basically useless since it does not really include the services offered, but you can check the full list in the free calculator.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 8/20)

Academic writing services at start at $16.59 per page for high school level and range up to $61.27 per page for PhD level. If you thought these prices are high, you better not look into the dissertation or admission writing prices! These are some very steep prices.

essayroo prices

For example, you will have to pay up to $38.29 per slide for a PhD presentation, or up to $53.61 per page for an admission essay. When compared to other writing companies on the Web, these prices are far from cheap. However, they would be better if reduced by first-time and loyalty discounts.

Fortunately, Essay Roo offers both – a 15% first-time discount and the traditional loyalty program of most writing services. If you become their regular content provider, you can get a lifelong discount from 5% to 15%.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 8/20)

Even though the price we got was much better with the first-order discount, the experience with the company only confirmed the negative essayroo reviews we looked into online. Writers at this company are definitely not English native speakers since our essay had very strange mistakes and instances that were completely incomprehensible and irrelevant.

After we got such a paper, we asked for a revision from the company. We got a revision two days later, and the writer changed a single sentence in it! Not only this revision timeframe is very lengthy, but our paper was of the same bad quality after we got it for the second time!

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 8/20)

We were positively surprised by the live chat agent, but the phone agent was extremely unprofessional and even rude! We chose this method first and then turned to the live chat since the agent did not provide us with any solution. Instead, he kept asking ridiculous questions as to why we are asking for a revision when the paper was obviously very bad.

Still, it is no wonder that he did not understand our concerns since even the phone agent was not a native English speaker.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 8/20)

Michael Schwab:

"When you are choosing a company, don't make the same mistake I did with this essay writing service. The quality of papers here is terrible, and their customer service is even worse."

Tammy Richardson:

"I decided to go for a more pricey writing service to get a better paper. But, I guess it is not all about the price. If you want to choose a paper service that is actually good, I wouldn't say that this is a good choice."

Marie Shisler:

"My paper here was very bad. I got a good price for it, but it was still an investment I did for nothing. At the end, I ended up ordering the exact same paper from a different company. Don't make the same mistake I did."

Eleanor Chen:

" is not a company I'd recommend to my fellow students. I tried them once on a recommendation from a friend, and I seriously cannot understand why they told me this company is good. The paper I got had good sources, but it was very poorly written. I had to spend hours trying to understand what they are trying to say and finding ways to say it in real English. I'd spend less time on it if I wrote it from scratch."

Conclusion: Overall, we are looking at a company with good website design, but bad writers. Even though the prices are solid when a discount is added, this is not a company we'd recommend for your papers.

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Date published: 10/07/2017
4.4 / 10 stars

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