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Featuring something called 'knowledge base' as a page on their website, immediately attracted our attention. However, the quality of a service depends on many other factors aside from the website design, which is why we decided to go step by step and write a real review.

According to reviews, we found online, the quality of content here is not as good as their website. For this reason, we decided to look into the website features and test the company by ordering a paper from them.

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triumphessays review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 10/20)

When we first looked at the list of services offered for this triumphessays review, we thought: 'Finally a company that offers it all'. However, once you read through this lengthy list, you will learn that the company lacks several of the most commonly ordered papers, and many assignments students rarely need to write.

For example, the company offers Matlab data analysis, but no research papers. The lack of such important assignments makes it a bad choice in terms of services offered, especially since most students look for a company that will help them more than once during their studies.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

A case study for the Graduate level and standard quality costs $24.24 per page if ordered within a deadline of a week. This same paper would cost $27.09 per page for Premium quality. If ordered for higher academic levels such as Masters, a case study within a 7-day deadline will cost $28.27 per page.

These are relatively steep prices, as was suggested in other triumphessays reviews. The company does have a discount policy, but their discounts are very small. We could not see which percentage the company offers since discounts are automatically calculated when you check the quote for your paper. However, a discount of $1 per page is not so much of a discount when their prices are so high.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

Apparently, the best thing about this company is their marketing policy. They focused on the website design and content, which mislead us to believe that the writers here were highly qualified and experienced. However, this turned out to be false.

Unlike the content you will see in the 'knowledge base', the writers here do a very poor job in terms of academic paper writing. Our term paper was of relatively low quality, especially when you consider the high prices.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 10/20)

There is a live chat on the website, but unlike what the company says, it is actually a bot. We got many responses that did not answer our questions at all and came automatically. When we looked for another way to get in touch with the company, we found out that they hide their phone number. Instead, you should request a call and the agents call you.

triumphessays order

However, even though we requested a call and the company said we would get a response immediately, no one called for two hours. Afterward, we had already placed our order, so we only spoke to their agent to find out more about the discounts. While the agent was very polite and professional, she did not provide us with relevant information.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 10/20)

Horace Watts:

" is a company I recommend all stay away from. I got the worst paper I have seen from this service, and I paid quite the price for it!"

Linda Beach:

"I don't know how I chose this exact company from all essay writing services. I am sure there are better options online. Triumph Essays is not the worst company I've ordered papers from, but it is far from the best. And the worst thing is, it is very expensive."

Lauren Ward:

"I am very disappointed by this paper service. Out of all the things the company promises, the only thing they got is a 24/7 customer service. My paper was a complete disappointment, but they did approve two requests for revision. After I got m y second one, it was good. But still, I don't think a company you need to return your paper to all the time is a one worthy those high prices."

Bryce Jones:

"My friend recommended another company, but I really liked this one. After I ordered my paper here, I think I did a terrible mistake. My writer missed half my requirements and did not even proofread the essay I ordered!"

Conclusion: After a thorough evaluation of the company's prices and services, we have concluded that is not a company we can rank high when it comes to content providers.

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Date published: 10/07/2017
5.0 / 10 stars

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