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Order Now features a colorful website, filled with some interesting information and what seems to be a regularly updated blog. As a part of our review, we looked at this blog and found some interesting content, but their posts contained several concerning instances that suggested they are probably not written by native English speakers.

Knowing this, we could not stop by wonder – does the company work with non-native writers? To find out, we looked into reviews online and checked the company's features. Read on to see what we found out.

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my essay writer review

Criteria #1: Range of Writing Services Offered (Mark - 12/20)

Interestingly, the name of the company actually tells you everything you need to know –this company is an essay writing service and therefore, writes the only essays. Unfortunately, this makes for a very poor list of services offered.

Seeing that students need a variety of papers to have high academic performance, this company would not be the first choice of those looking for someone to help them more than once or twice. And while you can order any essay type you need from the company, they are limiting you to only one type of academic assignment.

Criteria #2: Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy (Mark - 10/20)

The prices are perhaps the most frustrating part of writing this myessaywriter review. Apparently, decided that providing their prices on the website is a bad idea, so they ask visitors to 'request a quote' if they want to see how much their essay would cost.

This turned out to be very lengthy and in the end, very disappointing. As other myessaywriter reviews online suggested, it takes hours for the customer service to reply with a quote. After waiting for hours to get something as simple as the pricing, we got what seemed like an average rate for essay writing.

Criteria #3: Quality Evaluation (Mark - 10/20)

Once we got the quote, we were ready to place our order. Since it was less than 10 pages, we could not enjoy the company's only existing discount of 10%, which means that we got the originally set price for our paper.

When compared to other companies who actually have discounts to offer, ordering here was not the smartest choice we have made in terms of affordability. Most students look for discounted prices because of their limited budget.

Even so, we continued our evaluation and picked an essay from the company. However, this essay was far from great since it contained many mistakes and several parts that needed to be changed completely. Fortunately, we found no plagiarism in the paper.

Criteria #4: Customer Support (Mark - 10/20)

We immediately contacted the customer support agents and asked for a revision. The agent was very nice, but it took him 20 minutes to respond to the live chat. We were looking around the website, so this was not such a big issue, but it would certainly be frustrating for students with tight deadlines and urgent requests for revisions.

Even though the agent confirmed our request, the writer still failed to revise it properly. He did fix the errors we pointed to, but made new ones with the change in content. In the end, we had to revise the paper on our own.

Criteria #5: Customers Reviews (Mark - 10/20)

Christa Halliday:

"I decided to give this service a shot and order an essay here. I did have some time to spare, so I could actually go through the ridiculous process of waiting for a quote, but never again! I asked the agent for a full pricelist so that I can know it for my next orders, and he told me that I'd have to do this over and over again for every paper I have!"

Renee Saldivar:

"Out of all essay writing services I have tried, this one is the worst. They delivered my paper a day late and did not even apologize. Not to speak about their customer agents! They actually ignored my request for refund."

John Fisher:

" is not a great service, but they are not so bad. The prices are good, but you gotta wait to get them. The paper quality is not great, but the customer service is good."

Stephanie Eaton:

"I tried this company cuz it looked like a nice idea, but I am not so sure now. The paper was not terrible, but it wasn't great either. For that price, I could get a better company."

Conclusion: After looking into all the features of the service, we would not rate this company as one worth your time and investment.

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Date published: 10/07/2017
5.2 / 10 stars

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